10 Strategies For Stronger Twitter Engagement

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When I first began the semester in social media for communicators, I thought I would learn a few strategies in how to tweet better, and become Twitter-famous.

Boy was I wrong.

The world wide web, especially the world of social media, is HUGE. It’s so much more than just a constant stream of thoughts and pictures. Social media is an art form. There are strategic ways to engage with the world around you and truly have your voice heard.

Check out my top 10 #NHsmc moments, and what made those tweets engaging (and how you can do the same):

Twitter Poll

461 Impressions | 21 Total Engagements | 5 Likes 

Leading up to a big event I would hosting on campus, I wanted to get a sense of who would actually be coming (the event had sold out, but I was curious to see if people would actually use their tickets). Twitter had just released their new poll function, so I decided to give it a try.

…and it didn’t work.

The poll itself wasn’t available on my mobile app yet, so I used the #TwitterPoll hashtag instead. In conjunction with the official hashtag for the event, #IFACuseNPHC, and the class hashtag, I think the tweet was able to reach more people, as it had 461 impressions and 21 total engagements.

So if for some reason things don’t work for you on the technology side, dust yourself off and try again. You can still have your message heard.

Talk to Famous People

435 Impressions | 55 Total Engagements | 3 Likes | 1 Reply 

In anticipation of a panel I would be moderating on the campus of Syracuse University with Sabryna Fulton, Lesley McSpadden (the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, respectively), Sunny Hostin, Fredricka Whitfield and Benjamin Crump, I decided to reach out to Sunny over Twitter.

I had spoken with her over the phone to go over the details of the event, but also wanted to introduce her to my digital profile.

Links to Other Social Media Channels

367 Impressions | 6 Total Engagements | 1 Retweet, 1 Like

Around the time of student protests at the University of Missouri, I created an image on my Pinterest page to encourage students at other campuses to share their similar experiences.

The use of a link to another social media platform not only helps engage your presence on that separate site, but gives people a reason to click on your tweet and engage.

Sound Cloud

348 Impressions | 2 Media Views | 13 Total Engagements | 1 Reply, 1 Retweet, 1 Like

Tweeting the link to my friend’s new EP on Sound Cloud not only got him 2 additional media views on his own Sound Cloud page, but was an opportunity for me to gain exposure to his fan base as well, with the tweet gaining 348 views.

Live Tweet

347 Impressions | 13 Total Engagements | 1 Retweet, 3 Likes 

Not only is live tweeting one of the most fun times to engage on Twitter, but adding additional media to your post can you help you get more engagement as well.

Tweet About Special Days

326 Impressions | 9 Total Engagements | 4 Likes

Use as many hashtags associated with the day as you can.

Be Inspirational 

304 Impressions | 4 Total Engagements | 1 Retweet, 1 Like

Twitter doesn’t always have to be a debate room. Be transparent– your followers could always use some encouragement.

Be Trendy– But Make It Relevant to You

287 Impressions | 22 Total Impressions

Twitter is a place for people to gather around the most current happenings. But if you’re talking about what’s happening, make sure you can relate to it in some way.

Create Your Own Media

276 Impressions | 15 Total Engagements 

Using Infograms and other chart style photos help your followers visualize the trends you’re talking about.

Create an Original Hashtag

268 Impressions | 15 Total Engagements 

Use the site hashtracking.com to search the most popular tags on Twitter and Instagram, and to create one of your own.

I came up with the hashtag #TrueToSU as part of my campaign for homecoming queen– and I ended up winning.



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