Call It What It Is

[pin_widget url=””] “Call It What It Is” Background College students across the nation are beginning to speak out on the issues that have plagued their respective campus for as long as students of color have occupied those spaces. From the University of Missouri to Yale University, students are making a public outcry for their administrators and […]

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BingeFlix Is In

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At hard work binge watching SVU #BingeFlix

My meme centers around the idea of the binge TV watching culture that we see today. It features a closeup of SpongeBob looking exhausted and nervous, and says “Watching your 8th consecutive SVU episode like”. This will certainly be viral in nature for many reasons. The theory behind the idea that this will be viral is that the meme is not only humorous, but it also touches upon something so common to our culture today.

Comedy is Key

The comedy aspect of the meme is sure to draw in engagements. The closeup image of SpongeBob with wrinkled, dried out skin, puffy red eyes, and sweat dripping down his face shows a dramatized version of what it’s like to watch the same series on Netflix for over eight hours. It generates humor because many people can relate to the feeling of tiredness, nervousness for what is about to happen next (especially in an overly-intense episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), and the resistance to turn off the TV or stop the show. However, even though people may look or feel just as worse as this dried out, exhausted version of SpongeBob, they still continue to binge watch television shows on Netflix.

A New Kind of Binging 

Can the mid-2010s be described as the years of binge watching TV and Netflix? Most people would agree that continuously watching the same TV show for hours is something that defines part of our culture these days. Therefore, the meme will go viral because people find interest in things that they can relate to. The text and picture within the meme perfectly depict something that is so common to many people in society, and for that reason many people will want to engage with the content and meme.

Even though the caption uses the example of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, virtually anyone can relate to this example. Many people find themselves unable to stop an episode of whatever their favorite TV show is. For that reason, this does not just pertain to SVU fans, but relates to every binge-watcher out there in the world. These binge-watchers will therefore like the meme whether SVU is their show of choice or not.

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

In order to maximize the amount of engagements that I receive on my posts about the meme, I am planning on posting the meme to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. My plan is to post the meme a total of 12 times within the week of November 11 to November 18, and rotate between the numerous social media accounts. I also plan to optimize the amount of people who see the meme by posting to each account at different times during the day. For example, if I were to post in the meme to Twitter in the morning one day, I would post it to Twitter in the evening a few days later. Therefore, those who typically are busy in the mornings may see it the next time it is posted later in the day.

I am looking forward to this challenge, and believe that my meme will satisfy the requirements of being “viral.”


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You Ready to Chill?

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The 5×5 card centered on the idea of “Netflix and Chill”, as shown above, was created through Adobe Illustrator and my crafty glitter skills. I printed it on cardstock paper at the local Kinkos to add additional weight to glue to not seep through the paper. I then went ahead and added glitter to certain parts of the snowmen and on the TV to add a little bit of sparkle to the winter scene.


“Netflix and Chill” is a term used to reference “hooking up” and is said among various college students on a daily basis. I am hoping to encourage engagement between college students between the ages of 18-24. I believe this bracket will appreciate the dual meaning of “Netflix and Chill” and will generate interest due to this clever play on words.

Even though this card is targeted towards college students, I also believe it will resonate with a variety of different consumers, specifically those who have recently graduated college. This age bracket of people still are trendy and understand the connotation that is being reached. Therefore, I think they would be an added target who would create some engagement.

Engagement Creation

I believe that my “Netflix and Chill” creation will create of lot of engagement on my various social media accounts. As of today, I have 323 followers on my Twitter, 438 on my Instagram, 6 followers on Pinterest and 890 friends on Facebook. With the power of my social media followers I believe I can be extremely successful.

Even though I have a fairly strong following on my social media accounts, I plan on adding strategic hashtags to create more engagement. This will allow me to capture as many people as possible who might not be in my target audience, but at least understand what my card is talking about. Additionally, I hope that the engagement I create on these social media platforms will go beyond what I intended in order to reach a wider spread age bracket.

One of the hashtags I plan on using during the duration, is #NetflixandChill. Looking at the recent Tweets, even L.A. Weekly is using the hashtag which means the term is one to use.

While the hashtag is not currently trending, it is one that is used fairly often. At 12:17am, on November 11th, it received 13 tweets in the past half hour.

I also plan on using the hashtag #Netflix to engage with more Netflix users and also a few others such as #giftideas and #tistheseason to attract to a wider audience who may be looking for gift ideas.

As far as the class hashtag #nhsmc, I hope that my classmates retweet and favorite my 5×5 card. I believe that my classmates will enjoy my card and find it at the very least funny and get a little chuckle out of it.


In the end, I believe my content will go viral because of my social following, my target of college students between 18-24 and the ability to use hashtags to appeal to a wider audience. This funny pun of chilling is something I know people will be doing this holiday season.

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Who Doesn’t Love a Sunset?

There is no question that luck is a major aspect of material going viral online. But you might be able to improve that luck if you follow some parts of a formula. If you take a look at some of the most viral content, it is often funny, inspirational, practical, and/or engaging – usually there are positive […]

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Staircase Of Life

[pin_widget url=””] Description: Begin today on any journey or challenge I believe the card I have created will be viral in nature because I have done ample research on what influences content spreading widely and affecting the masses. I have also included elements of what I am most moved by on social media and willing to […]

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Pixar and Recreation

  Above is a mash-up of two of my favorite things: Pixar films and Parks and Recreation. Each character from Parks and Recreation is Photoshopped onto a Pixar character I believe matches their personality. I call this series of images “Pixar and Recreation”. There are three things I believe make for the most viral content: […]

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Let’s Break the Internet

In an attempt to go viral I have created a card with some of the Internet’s favorite things, such as; cats, a Kardashian and Pizza. It’s not a secret that these things are popular, just last month (October) there were 75 news headlines worldwide dedicated to cats according to Google Trends. The “Break the Internet” […]

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Introducing Juno, the #BlackFridayPuppy

Humans have a special relationship with baby animals. Research done by Nobel prize-winning zoologist Konrad Lorenz showed that baby animals often resemble physical traits of human babies — large eyes, snubbed nose, etc. — and humans are subconsciously fooled into applying affectionate feelings toward young animals as we would young humans. Research aside, there’s no […]

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