My Top Ten Tweets for #NHsmtp

This semester I really enjoyed using the hashtag #NHsmtp to post class assignments as well as Tweets that I thought were interesting to my peers. It allows this class to make a mark on the Internet and to create conversations in a navigable way. My top ten Tweets range from September 2015 to December 2015. […]

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The Force of Black Twitter: The Use of Twitter to Spear Cultural Movement

Black Twitter is much more than a phenomenon, it is rooted community of users that prides itself cultural identity. This identity creates a following within in this social network that people who identify as black can come to together to discuss issues of the black community.  Through the use of hashtags, emojis, and other content […]

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Benchmark follower

I started with 9 followers on Twitter in the beginning of Sept, and finished with 102 followers on Dec. 7th. The overall growth rate is 1033.33%, which means I approximately got 1 new follower per day during the past 3 months. My Klout score is 27. I realize that there are several strategies are useful […]

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Top 10 Tweets

  Below are top 10 tweets of mine during this semester. The tweet with the highest engagement rate (5.9%) is the selfie tweet at @EthanZ’s talk at Syracuse University. The reason for the high engagement here is probably because people who attended the talk were also tweeting and checking out what was happening using relevant […]

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Growing Up: One Tweet at a Time

At the humble beginning of the semester I had a whopping 162 followers, each one of which I was quite proud. But now after an entire semester of learning about how to do it right I have 208 followers, which is pretty cool. Most consisted of personal friends and people I know from #InRealLife. But […]

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My Influencer Analysis

Considering the fact that my Twitter presence was almost non-existent before this class began, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made with my account. On the first day of class, I had 163 followers. As of today, I have 218. That’s an increase of 55, or about 25%. This has been encouraging. When we first […]

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