Ken Bone Toast

Objective I want to prove that I can create content that gets a lot of engagement for myself, teachers, employers by creating a successful marketing plan. I am marketing because I want to successfully create a campaign that is measurable and realistic given the time frame. I want to increase my twitter engagement and presence […]

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Viral content – Social addicted

My viral content challenge had 2 objectives: Engagement for my page Increase my followers. My Imgur content is: Social addicted   To promote my twit I used a web card: What's the first thing you do in the morning? — Inbal Elazar (@ElazarInbal) November 2, 2016 The results were surprising! View post on View […]

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Netflix Viral Content Challenge

For this assignment, I decided to use a funny facial expression of a dog as a meme to describe how college students feel when their friends force them to go out to a party, even though they prefer having a Netflix type of night instead. Objective:  To engage with college students/young adults and provide a […]

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Viral Content Challenge: Is She Real

Objectives Attract new followers Collect engagement on Twitter webcard ad and Imgur “views” Encourage sharing on different social media platforms Arouse resonance and evoke positive emotions (funny) Goals Gain over 30 engagements solely on Twitter from different parts of the United States Get 5 likes on the original Twitter meme post Gain 3 followers during […]

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Viral Content #SnapchatFilter be like

For my viral content campaign, I decided to combined two things that most of the people love and enjoy: Snapchat and dogs. Objective Build engagement on twitter Web card ad that displays the Imgur “views” Encourage sharing in different social media platforms (specially twitter, Facebook and Instagram) Evoke positive emotions   This is my imgur […]

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Going Viral

Marketing Objectives Coming into this campaign, I knew I couldn’t generate a whole lot of virality based on my follower base alone. I thought my meme was funny and relatable to college students, but I needed a little extra audience if I was going to make the campaign reach its goals. View post on […]

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