The Relatable Tuna

Objective: Tuna the chiweenie is a Instagram famous dog who is basically notorious for being ugly cute. His owner created an Instagram, where 1.9 million followers rejoice in their love for tuna. Tuna has actually been the face of memes in the past, (we’ll get to that later), but it’s been a while. So I […]

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NHsmc Viral Content Challenge

For the viral content challenge I decided on a meme of a funny baby’s reaction, captioned “when you find out the tooth fairy isn’t real.” I then used a mix of twitter, instagram and tags on Imgur to make the meme go “viral.” Objective I set out to get 1000 views on Imgur. Meme […]

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The Floor Is… A Viral Meme!

Creating content that could potentially go viral is no easy feat. I knew what I was hoping to achieve, but not necessarily how to achieve it. Objective(s) 500 Impressions on Imgur 500 Impressions on Twitter 20 Engagements on Twitter 4 Retweets on Twitter 20 Likes on Twitter 3 Shares on Facebook 5 Likes on Facebook […]

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Look Mom, I Went Viral!

Goal My overall goal of my campaign was to bring awareness to my meme. Objectives  My objectives were to break 100 views and push for a maximum of 500 views or more. I also wanted to try and have 25 people engage with my tweet. Meme My created meme can be found here. Twitter Webcard […]

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Did someone say, free?

Objective: Receive 500 or more views on a meme about when you learn that something is free   Did someone say, free? 281 views     When I walk into Costco and there are samples floating about – #free #yum — Chase (@chase112017) November 13, 2017     Analysis: Overall, […]

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