Advice for a low-information-rich administration

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With any new administration, citizens often tend to closely look into how their voices remain to be heard. In 2017, this is no different. We have seen a president take to Twitter for several announcements, major marches with signs depicting peoples’ true feelings, and a look into what exactly “alternative facts” truly means.

For the most part, having a “media rich” administration is easier said than done. This would include many face-to-face interactions that can be very time consuming. However, I do have some advice for our new administration in order to have a higher information richness medium.

I would suggest for President Trump to tweet less, which tends to hold lower information rich information – especially with the 140 character limit – and if anything, publish more videos to the web. At least in that case what he is saying is not limited to a character count and we are getting his true self.

Another suggestion to stray from a low information-rich administration; host public forums where someone from the administration – maybe even an intern – every so often will listen to the public voice their concerns so they can get a start to being worked on.

But ultimately, my biggest piece of advice: for the president to at least allow someone to review a tweet before he sends it out. Maybe if they work on all of these, our world will continue on the path to becoming that much more information rich.

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