Analyzing #BlackPanther

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Before the Film’s premiere, the most retweeted tweet was the reaction of the students at Ron Clark Academy when they found out they were going to see #BlackPanther.

This excitement can be further seen in nearly 700,000 mentions of #BlackPanther on Twitter between 2/1 and 2/8. The soundtrack was scheduled for release on February 9th, however, the album cover and tracklist leaked on February 1st. The first spike in the graph correlates to the release of the soundtrack, and the results after show the public’s anticipation for the premiere.

At this time 47% of the tweets originated in the U.S. Many terms associated with #BlackPanther included superheroes from other franchises. This might be caused by the lack of exposure to the film itself.

The top keywords associated with #BlackPanther were as follows.

Wakanda -The nation at the center of the movie that thrived on its own with immense technology that American society did not have access to.

February – The film was strategically released during Black History Month with a primarily minority centered cast and crew. The timing of this release was a bold move to reignite empowerment in the Black community and remind white society of the power of Black America.

Africa – The aesthetic of the movie highlighted the beauty of African culture specifically the diversity by use of costuming and language throughout the film.

More recent tweets since the movie’s release show terms like “love”, “courage” and “dig deep”. Many of these are central themes to the film.

The majority of these tweets still come from the U.S. with other countries making up less than 5%. The most retweeted tweet came from former first lady Michelle Obama who praises the film for its ability to inspire young people to be heroes.

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  1. I really appreciated the subject choice and the analysis overall was really well done. The post was readable and I was able to understand each piece of media by your analysis. I think you could have searched more hashtags besides just the one. Other than that, you did great!

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