Top 10 Tweets

I found the impressions, engagements, and engagement rates of all of my tweets from the end of August to the beginning of December that referenced #NHsmc using Twitter Analytics. I included these statistics underneath each of the compiled Top Ten tweets below with a caption explaining my driving motivation behind each tweet’s success. 795 million […]

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Follower Growth

Klout Score Analysis: I created this account the first day of class so my inital Klout score was 0. I ended my semester with a Klout score of 32.7 with my account’s all time high being 34.2. This was nearly a 35% increase in my social influence within the short 3 month timeframe.   Follower […]

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the new king of rap&roll

[pin_widget url=””] Introducing Mr. Elvinem #elvis #eminem   For my viral post, I wanted to create something original that would connect with as many people as possible. I also wanted them to be so engaged with the post that they felt compelled to like and share it. With this logic in mind, my first thought went […]

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UNICEF Tap Project Case Study

The UNICEF Tap Project campaign was a highly successful example of expert social media, digital, and phone application marketing. The basis of the campaign itself was app-driven involvement from supporters. UNICEF asked followers to sacrifice time on their phone to provide clean water for someone in need for a day. In fact, they declared that […]

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Breaking Through the Content Clutter

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Brand expert Seth Godin perfectly summarized both the state of the media landscape and the key to conquering it with his quote above. The explosion of digital and mobile traffic coupled with the perseverance of long-standing traditional mediums like […]

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