Will Politics Cost Us Our Planet?

  Climate change is fake news people! Coal is where it's at… great jobs… great for the environment too! I bathe in coal dust great great exfoliate beautiful exfoliate ask your boy Donald. #ClimateChange — Joe Drigon (@kingdbag) November 24, 2018 #ClimateChange OK so let's hear Gore, Sanders, The Weather Channel etc start advocating for […]

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Animal Face Expressions Gone Wild

To make my meme featured below go viral, I created a marketing plan involving goals, objectives, a calendar, strategy, and budget to ensure success. This plan was creative, original, and detailed. Objective: To receive 500 views or more on my meme by tracking through Imgur. It was established beforehand that 500 views on the meme […]

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Gaga for A Star Is Born

Our group chose to explore Lady Gaga on Twitter due to the recent release of her new movie, A Star Is Born. Because of Lady Gaga’s popularity as an artist and her performance in the movie, she generated a wealth of engagement across multiple social media platforms. We found the trending topic, A Star Is Born, from […]

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How Can I Do as Little Cardio as Humanly Possible?

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In this video, I show a snippet of a HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, workout. The idea of HIIT is to constantly keep your heart rate fluctuating. Going from “fat burn zone” to “cardio zone” maximizes calorie burn and creates EPOC, which is also called afterburn. Who wouldn’t want to burn calories sitting on a couch?

Try this workout for six weeks, at least three times a week, and see if you get the results you are looking for! Remember, you only need to do HIIT for 20 minutes each time you do it. HIIT combined with strength training, stretching, and a healthy diet will help you move toward your personal goals. Thanks for watching!




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The Lie Detector Test

Facebook has been in the spotlight over the past six months receiving negative attention from politicians, the press, and the public. Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based data analytics firm, confessed to planting fake news on Facebook to sway election results across the globe. With 87 million users’ personal information leaked to a third-party app, the public […]

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