Twitter Round Up

Before starting this class, I knew that Twitter was a platform that I needed to become more familiar with, especially on a professional level. Just last year I created a new Twitter account and swore I would use it to tweet about important news events and other things I was interested in, but without any […]

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Sysomos Analytics #KimKardashian

View post on The “geography” map on Sysomos analyzes where Twitter users are located when they mention the keyword being tracked. When analyzing #KimKardashian, the majority of the tweets using this hashtag were sent from the United States during the selected time frame. Kim Kardashian is an American celebrity and so most of her […]

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Friends, Finstas, and Food

I was fairly late to the game when I started using Facebook in the eighth grade. I never had a MySpace and dove head first into Facebook, sending pokes, Bumper Stickers, and writing on my friends walls. As I got older, it seemed that every month there was something new but I stuck primarily with Facebook, […]

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