From Twitter Infant to Influencer

Throughout the semester  I saw noticeable growth in regards to both my Twitter followers and my Klout score. I began with 1,675 Twitter followers and finished with 1,738. As I already had a considerable following, the followers that did join in from 8/29 to 11/20 increased my influence on Twitter by 1.04%. Aware that I would have […]

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The Great Airpods Debate

Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack that has been a feature in all its previous models has been faced with unexpected backlash, especially on social media. Users are not a fan of the new and allegedly ‘innovative’ technology that allows more space on the internal hard drive. Apple has stood by its decision to […]

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Behind the Scenes of #BackToSchool

Throughout August there was an undeniable buzz around the trending hashtag #backtoschool. This phrase resonates with so many in a wide age range, from young children in elementary school excited for a new backpack to college students budgeting money for textbooks. Upon analyzing #backtoschool in Sysomos MAP, we collected a wide range of data. As […]

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Conversations Without Borders

Social media is among the most complex modern-day means we use to communicate. Though the list goes on, I use social media to infuse myself in global conversations and to experience diverse content without limits. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are among the media that allow me the ability to learn about as many things as I […]

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