Ballin’ On A Budget – Viral Content Results

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  • To engage with my Twitter audience and create content to which they can relate
  • To build my brand and following by attracting more followers
  • To have this content spread across multiple forms of social media with the help of engagements
  • To make this meme go viral
  • To elicit positive emotions from the content

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Final Engagement:

Imgur Views: 496

Twitter Engagements: 62

Total Engagement: 558

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Overall, the Tweet that received the most engagements (likes & retweets) is the one in which I used emojis and the hashtag #WednesdayWisdom.  It received 3 likes and 2 retweets.  Using the popular hashtag definitely grew my audience and got people more engaged.  I continued to use hashtags in my following posts, but none of them were popular enough to draw an audience outside of my followers.  Therefore, these Tweets didn’t earn as many likes and retweets.  When I mentioned Starbucks and Chipotle in the copy of one tweet, Chipotle actually replied to me.  This was fun because we had a mini conversation and I’m hoping whoever was behind the handle clicked my link! In retrospect, I should have promoted the image on other social platforms such as Facebook.  I think this would’ve gotten me more views on Imgur. In regards to Twitter, I learned using popular hashtags and fun emojis draw people to your content. Also, start a conversation with someone! It doesn’t hurt to mention handles, as long as it makes sense to the content you’re trying to promote.




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