Beyond A Doubt

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When I enrolled into Social Media Theory & Practice, I registered with an expectation of boosting my presence on all of my social media accounts. Going into this class I only had 129 followers, and part of that was because I was not that active on Twitter. I knew that I wasn’t getting a lot of followers because I only post every once in awhile. When I came into this class I had a Klout score of 32. I was not shocked that my score was low, because I haven’t been active on Twtter enough to have a high Klout score.

Over the course of the Spring semester that noticed that my Klout score was gradually starting to increase, and I also noticed that gained a lot more followers. The fact that both of those number were growing was not a shock to me. I was more engaged with Twitter than I had previously been. The things that I was doing different that I had not done consistently is, I started to make my Twitter post more media rich by using emojis, trending hashtags, GIFs, videos, etc. I was doing most of those things before this class, but I wasn’t doing to consisitly enough for peopel to engage with my page. By the end of the semester my score went from 32 to 42, and I gain 16 follower over the semester.

By incoporating those media rich elements, I was able to achieve my goal of boosting my presence on Twitter and all of my social media account. Now, I finding myslef to be more engaged with Twitter, and I always looking out for trending hashtags that I can captialize on.

The Twitter post below are post that I knew would show my growth on Twitter.

The purpose behind this tweet was to join in on the hashtag, FollowFriday as a way to gain follow and to help bring attention to people whom I thought were great influencers. This tweet got a total engagement of 9 people. By using a widely known influencer, I thought that would help to boost that amount of individuals that this post would reach. I thought that this was a unique way of trying to promote some while trying to promote yourself. Even though only one person liked this post, it was an excellent starter post to get me into that groove of using trending and hashtags.

This tweet was fun to make because we had to create our GIF. When producing this GIF, I decided to make something that I knew people who think is funny. I chose to post, “When your flopping game is stronger than Lebron’s” because I knew that everyone loved to talk about how Lebron just loves flopping all over the court. After I posted this tweet, went in thinking that I was going to get a lot of engagement, but that wasn’t the case because only 17 people engaged with my tweet. But the post was liked by four people, so that’s a good thing.

This day was a heartbreaking day for me because my favorite team, the Duke Blue Devils had lost to Syracuse that night. I thought I did a good job of composing this tweet because I ended finding a good GIF that would give this tweet a more comedic popped. I choose to used the hashtag, BeatDuke because it was trending and I knew that non-Duke fans would be using that hashtags. Even though 11 people had engaged with this tweet, no one retweeted or liked it.

With the #PancakeDay trending I decided to take the approach the tweet by using a GIF the was funny. If I didn’t use some media rich attachment, I don’t think that I would have been able to get the same meaning across. I what I was trying to do was produce a tweet that everyone that was searching this hashtag could relate too. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes with a side of humor. About eight people had liked my tweet about pancakes. Did I expect that many people to like it? No. It was a fun post that I didn’t expect to get a lot of individuals to engage with the tweet. As now, this post has an engagement total of 23 people, and only one person has retweeted it.

When it comes to this tweet, decided to make a funny video that I could post on Twitter. In the video, I showed what I had done that day. I thought that this was a great strategy not only to boost my status on Twitter but to almost increase my status on YouTube. When looking at the analytics, five people had engaged with the post, and about five people had watched the video.  I think that this always a good strategy to sort of cross-promote so that you can boost your presence on all platforms.

This post was one of my favorite tweets because, for the first time, I got to see a WWE event in person. I may not have been a televised event, but at least I got to see some of my favorite superstars. The reason why I choose to incorporate the hashtag, wwesyracuse is because that’s the hashtag the host of the event told us to used. Since this tweet was around the time of spring break, I decide to use that hashtag to see if I could get people to engage with my tweet.

For this poll tweet, I decided to test the waters to see how the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) fanbase felt about Superstar Roman Reigns. When creating this tweet I didn’t want to just go with a simple yes and no, so I ended adding a little sass to it. I feel like this tweet got a ton of engagement because I used different hashtags that I knew people would search. I was expecting more people to vote that Reigns was overrated, but that didn’t happen. I also believe that I got 17 people to engage with this post because I posted this around the time of Wrestlemania 33, and of course “Wrestlemania33” was trending. I was excited when I found out that someone had retweeted my post, maybe that could be another reason why I got more people. Using hashtags that associated with the WWE helped big-time because they are hashtags that the WWE use every week.

This tweet was the week where we had to post something positive about ourselves or someone else. I decided to take the opportunity to tweet about how I was proud of one of my friends because of everything that she was able to accomplish so much as the Editor-in-chief of 306 Magazine. It was her first time stepping into this sort of role. Since the publication had an account, I used its name as a way to draw people to the publication I was referring. In a way, it’s promoting the magazine. Beyond the used of 360 Magazine’s handle, I decided to use a GIF where people stood up and clapped. The reason I choose this particular GIF is that I knew that my friend loved Harry Potter, so why not. About 14 people engaged with this Tweet and five people liked it. I didn’t post this thinking that I was going to get five likes, so I’m shocked that it got that many likes.

Since it was National Grilled Cheese Day and that hashtag was trending, I decided to post sometimes that was humorous about myself. It took me a while to find a GIF was cheesy enough to my liking. I used the hashtag, lactoseintolerant to reach another audience besides the one that was talking about grilled cheese. I decided to reach the audience that could relate to my post. Even though this tweet didn’t get any likes, about five engaged with it.

When it comes to this tweet, I used Twitter as the primary platform to cross promote on. To get more people to visit my Instagram account, I thought that Twitter was a good platform to do that on because I knew that I could reach a lot of people on there. Plus, if I would have posted on Facebook, then a number of people that the post would have reached would have been limited. When generating this Tweet, I decided to be a little clever and funny by adding in emojis because I felt like that was a good strategy to get people to engage with my Tweet. 15 people engaged with my tweet, but only three people liked it. The reason why I decided to add a picture is that if I tried to add my Instagram handle into the tweet, it would have been over 140 characters. So I decided to add a photo from my Instagram that had my handle on it.

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