Cat Memes Gone Viral

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The goal of this social media campaign was to maximize Twitter engagement and Imgur views on an original meme.

Imgur Meme:

View count: 1,084

Twitter Webcard: 

Twitter Ads Engagement & Spend:


Overall, I received 928 impressions using Twitter Ads. I received 1,084 views on the Imgur meme.

I put the $5 behind one single tweet. That tweet received significantly more impressions than any of the other tweets that included my webcard.

I used multiple fairly general hashtags in both my tweets and in Imgur itself, which I think helped bring in a larger audience. I also curated a specific, yet still broad, audience when created my ad campaign, which I think helped increase actual engagement as opposed to just tweet views.

I didn’t get much engagement (likes or retweets) on the actual tweets themselves, which I think might be because users can’t actually see the full meme in the tweet. I’d be curious how much engagement a tweet that just posts the meme itself, as opposed to the webcard, would receive.

I think putting more money behind one tweet works better than putting smaller amounts of money across many tweets because Twitter will maximize the impressions for that single tweet, and those impressions will help to spread the tweet further. However, if I were to do another campaign, I would consider using the other method to compare which one works better.

Overall, I received over the 500 views that are considered “viral,” so I’d say it was a successful ad campaign.

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