NHsmc Influencer Analysis

As someone who’s former maximum Twitter usage usually included simply scrolling past embedded Tweets in various articles, I consider any direct interaction with the service as quite an improvement. At the start of the course, I had a big, fat goose egg of a follower base – 0 followers. By the end of this course, […]

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NHsmc Influencer Analysis 2018

PART 1: INFLUENCE Analyze your overall follower growth on Twitter from the start to finish of the course. From 1/17 to 4/18 I went from 0 to 11 followers, the is over 100% growth rate. l’m bad at math so hope I it was calculated correctly.    Klout score change: I went from 20 to 25 […]

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NHsmc Influencer

Twitter Followers: Start – 420 End – 448 Percent Growth – 6% Klout Influence:  Start – 24 End – 40   To increase my number of Twitter followers, I used several techniques. Some proved to show more success than others. What proved to be the most successful, was changing my Twitter bio. By adding what […]

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PART 1: INFLUENCE: I started off this semester with 0 followers on twitter, and ended with 30, which is 100% growth. The tweets with the most retweets and likes were when I made my own memes/polls. Also tweets that had rich content/mediaThe tweets with the least retweets and likes were posts that had no images. […]


Influencer Post

The following tweets and posts were some of my most popular and garnered the most engagement over the course of the semester while I was enrolled in Newhouse’s Social Media for Communicators course. While some were assigned, others were creating just by myself. Enjoy! Still waiting for a mention of FarmVille during the #ZuckerbergTestimony – […]

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