Facebook: Then and Now

I vividly remember making my Facebook account when I was in middle school (seventh grade, to be precise) in 2009. Other kids at school were starting to have Facebook accounts and of course 11 year old me felt left out, so of course I had to make one. I feel like Facebook was much more […]

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Viral Content Challenge Analysis: 16 Moments That Will Satisfy Every Perfectionist

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As a perfectionist myself, I have recognized my propensity to find gratification in serendipitously perfect situations and frustration with things that just not quite good enough. This campaign is a collection of photos and videos that speak to those satisfyingly perfect situations




This assignment will allow me to develop skills in audience identification, viral content creation, social media marketing, distributed content, engagement, and analytics. The objective of this campaign is to connect with an audience who can identify with the Type A perfectionist side of their personality, whether big or small, through gratification in perfect everyday situations.



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Twitter Webcard Engagement:

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BuzzFeed Dashboard:

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Overall, I would deem the campaign a success. The post was picked up by the BuzzFeed Community editors — first promoted to the Community front page and then to the BuzzFeed homepage two days later. The post topped out at about 148,000 total views. I think this post worked well because of its relatability and its well curated material. Each image or video contains subtle “perfectionisms” that appeal to both the organized Type A personality and the laid back Type B personality.

Outside of BuzzFeed, across other social media platforms, Facebook by far generated the most views for the post at 35,098 compared to Twitter’s 161 — despite paid promotion on Twitter and no personal promotion on Facebook. In adjusting for later campaigns, if I scheduled additional tweets and built them into my Twitter campaign, I would have been able to generate more traffic via Twitter and in turn more clicks to the BuzzFeed post.




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Viral Content Challenge

Social Media Background: I created this post based on my love of pizza and I know I’m not the only one who does. There are many pizza lovers all over the world. There are so many kinds that I enjoy from white to red to pepperoni and sausage. I decided instead of doing my post […]

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