Social Media Influencer

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When I first started this class, I barely used twitter so I didn’t know how to properly engage with those who weren’t following me. But by adding media and hashtags, it increased my engagement and followers as you see above.




This post, I tweeted an event. I had also just really started using twitter, so only 1 like.

I tried to convey how millennials get their news from social media. Only one like

This was me quote tweeting an engagement with one of my top followers

I got 4 likes on this post because using the GIF feature gave my twitter some personality.

3 likes and one RT, my followers enjoy motivational messages.

3 retweets because EVERYONE was tweeting the same video, so my TL was flooded.

This brought some DBZ fans to my engagements, letting me know there was an actual black Goku and this wasn’t him.

I got the most engagements from this tweet because Terrance retweeted me and bought some of his followers to my page.

I did a news story on a dairy farm so I thought I’d tweet about it to get my followers ready for the actual story. Not many engagements.

2 likes, I could’ve added some more hashtags because I thought this one would be one with high engagements.    Send article as PDF   
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My personal Twitter influence

Part One: Influence When I first started this semeter, my Twitter account was only up to 40 followers. Because this was my second Twitter (I created a news one right before I went to cover the election in New York), I wasn’t surprised my account wasn’t as popular as the one I made in 2012 […]

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