Top 10 Tweets and Analytics

Post #1: Thank you #united #unitedAIRLINES #NHsmc — Spencer Kolbert (@SpencerKolbert) April 11, 2017 This tweet boasted a distinguishing feature: live & trending. This was a hot-topic issue that had just broken out. Thousands of people were engaging with this story every hour. I simply applied some relevant hashtags, a funny photo, and let […]

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Viral Content Challenge

The objective of this viral challenge assignment was to create the most traffic and engagement with the following meme: Faker In an attempt to complete this objective, I was able to receive 533 views on imgur. Through this assignment I learned the importance of planning and the significance of having a detailed and well structured […]

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Shea Moisture Ad Controversy

Shea Moisture recently released an ad spotlighting caucasian women using their products and a mixed girl. This commercial sparked a lot of controversy because Shea Moisture’s products are the forefront of the African American women’s natural hair care community. The timing couldn’t have been worse because this comes just after Kendall Jenner and Pepsi faced […]

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