Twitter Growth

At the beginning of the semester, my Twitter presence was simply non existent. I had 336 followers from when I actively used my Twitter throughout high school but I had not posted anything in a couple of years. Since taking COM 427, not only has been Twitter presence resurfaced, but I’ve learned how to use the […]

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Twitter Personal Growth Analysis

Throughout the course of this class, my tweeting skills have improved a lot and network has grown dramatically. Personally, I never thought that being “social media-savvy” mattered this much, but that wasn’t until I saw a drastic change in the amount of traffic and attention that I receive on Twitter. At the beginning of the semester, […]

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Reviewing my work

After a semester of working toward improving my engagement on Twitter, I didn’t see much growth. Many of my Tweets lacked compelling elements to grip people in and get followers to stop scrolling when my name popped up on their timeline. I found that generally my most successful Tweets were ones that included certain types of […]

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Discovering Twitter

Schnell_No5’s Influencer Journey It’s safe to say that before starting this class I had a twitter that only functioned as a means of checking off a box. The box of ‘yes, I have a twitter’ and therefore ‘yes, I can look up important tweets on twitter.’ However, over the course of this semester, not only have […]

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