NHsmtp Influencer

      For tweet 1.This is my first time using Twitter and I follow some photographer on Twitter. I learn how to mention people, and I have no follower at this time. I know they will not follow me back because I did not post any photos I took on Twitter. The only way to get them follow […]

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Brow on Fleek

Campaign Objectives: Gain 10 followers. Get 15 likes and 5 shares on social media. Get at least 500 views on Imgur. Analysis: For this campaign I attempted to reach mainly basketball and sports fans while also drawing in some members of the health & beauty community. On April 1st, NBA star, Anthony Davis, posted an […]

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Summer Came (And Conquered)

This past week I had the chance to experiment with the power of social media. The mission was simple: make a meme go viral. The meme was to be created and shared on Imgur, a platform used to share GIF and meme content. With over 250 million users uploading over 15 million images a day, […]

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Bey at #Coachella: overwhelmingly awesome or simply overrated?

As many know from checking any of their social channels, this past weekend was Coachella. While #Coachella trended on Twitter throughout the weekend, social conversation centered around two performances in particular: the Walmart yodel kid and the highly anticipated performance of Beyonce. While yodel kid’s performance was universally praised, Beyonce’s performance sparked an internet debate. […]

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Pass the #Mayochup

In recent food news, Heinz has started a bit of an uprising among its customers. On April 11th, the Heinz team took to Twitter to create a poll to ask if their customers would purchase their newest idea, #Mayochup. Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for “yes” and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans. […]

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