The 2 Sides of #2A

In today’s political climate, there are few topics as divisive as gun control. While each side has its own hashtags, #2A is used by both sides when weighing in the Second Amendment. While the arguments made using #2A are opposing, both sides use similar tactics when making their argument. Many users tweeting about #2A try […]

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Meme Campaign Analysis

Analysis of my viral content challenge meme. Objective My objective stated previously in my marketing plan was to gain 500+ views on imgur, because that was the threshold that was considered going viral. Imgur meme Netflix Marathon Homework  My meme explained: This Meme relates to procrastination when doing homework. So instead of focusing on important […]

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Viral Post Analysis

My total impressions from my twitter ad campaign was, 884. On Imgur, I got 184 views and 3 comments and from Twitter I got 9 total likes. I generated most of my impressions from my twitter campaign and I attribute that success to my audience selection. My Meme included an image of Will Farrell from […]

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Part 2: Campaign Analysis

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dad fashion

Views: 1,282


  • For this meme to be relatable to a large audience in the U.S.


  • Reach over 1,000 engagements (clicks on the Imgur URL) in one week

Tweet Webcard:

Twitter Ads Spend: $5.00

Twitter Ads Analytics: 

Tweet Activity Chart 1

Tweet Ad Analytics 2

Tweet Analytics Chart 3


  • Dates run: Nov 5-Nov 9
  • Results(Clicks):  128 link clicks
  • Result rate (link click rate): 4.6%
  • Cost per link click: $ 0.04


What Worked & What Didn’t Work in My Campaign:


I set my campaign to run over 5 days, with $1 being spent each day. To start, i choose to target the age demographic above 13, because I thought that only people over the age of 13 would find this meme relevant. Two days into my campaign, I looked at the analytics Twitter was giving back to me and made adjustments to my target on the ad platform from there. Some changes in targeting that I made to optimize my results were targeting more Android users (I noticed that most of my clicks were from Android devices) and refining my age range from 13-45, because I noticed that the majority of clicks were able to be narrowed down into that age group, therefore eliminating and narrowing the pool of users on Twitter that would see my Twitter ad, and aiming for a higher click through rate.


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Making My Dog Go Viral

Marketing Plan Objectives At least 1000 views on imgur Gain 10 followers on Twitter Gain 15 followers on Instagram Twitter Impressions up by 15 % At least 5 website clicks via my Instagram bio Outcomes/Analysis As my final engagement number, I received 800+ views on Imgur. While I didn’t reach my total goal, I set […]

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Twitter Campaign Analysis

The main objective of my viral content marketing campaign was: To reach at least 500 views on my Imgur meme My marketing campaign proved to be successful as I surpassed this objective by attaining 1,246 views on Imgur. The strategy I applied to my campaign included the following elements: creating an engaging and relatable meme; […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Objective: 500 clicks on my meme via Imgur Meme: Business Majors Webcard: What I see as I walk to class in leggings and a sweatshirt. #nhsmc #meme #collegeproblems — Annie F. Farber (@FarberAnnie) November 5, 2018 Engagements and Spend: View post on Analysis: My meme was not successful, despite the fact that I accidentally […]

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BuzzFeed- Trending Topics: Nifty Facebook Video

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Trending Topic Project: Buzzfeed’s “Nifty” Facebook Video on Revamping a Basic Table

The “overperforming” post chosen for analysis was “Nifty’s” “7 Creative Ways to Transform a Basic Table” (2018), that spiked nearly a month ago. The six-minute video includes do-it-yourself, or D.I.Y., tutorials for how to transform an ordinary end table into 1) a table with a built-in projector, 2) a table with a built-in mini-garden in the middle, 3) a handmade toy kitchen, 4) an end table with a stained wood top, 5) a table with built-in water and food bowls for pets, 6) a stool and 7) a stacked bar with wheels on the bottom (Nifty, 2018). 

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According to the social media analytics database, CrowdTangle, this video was one of the highest spiking videos on the Nifty Facebook page from early September 2018 to late October 2018 (2018).

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The table transformation video received 1,478, 528 post views and 14, 951, 795 total views (CrowdTangle, 2018). Additionally, the table transformation video received 10,111 reactions, 828 comments and 4,813 shares (CrowdTangle, 2018). 

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In terms of why “Nifty’s” “7 Creative Ways to Transform a Basic Table” (Nifty, 2018) overperformed this fall, there are several reasons which could illustrate its high performance. Particularly, Buzzfeed’s audience, the importance of D.I.Y. culture and the real estate market are all reasons that could explain the virality of the table transformation video. Buzzfeed’s audience across their various channels are over 50% millennial and over 50% of the overall audience demographic self-identifies as women (Sternberg, 2013). Likewise, Buzzfeed’s “Nifty” channel specifically targets those interested in arts and crafts for the home. One reason this particular type of Nifty video may have performed well, is due to its publishing date, September 10, 2018, being during the middle of the “high season”, May- September, for apartment rentals (Schreck, 2013), as well as college students beginning school and needing cheap alternatives for decorating their dorms/ apartments.

Additionally, various Buzzfeed channels utilize the short-form video style for content delivery that can conveniently be viewed on one’s mobile device, which over 30% of Buzzfeed’s audience uses for visiting their sites (Sternberg, 2013). The combination of using short-form videos on the Nifty Facebook channel is advantageous in order to give the audience what they want. Similarly, using short-form videos on Nifty’s Facebook channel is advantageous because it taps into the popularity of D.I.Y. tutorials, especially as millennials are currently dominating the $29 billion crafting industry (Fromm). Therefore, a D.I.Y. short-form tutorial on how to ‘jazz-up’ a basic end table using an arts and crafts themed Facebook channel with one of the largest millennial audiences went viral because it had all the necessary components for virality. 

In summation, the “Nifty” Facebook video, “7 Creative Ways to Transform a Basic Table” (Nifty, 2018) was analyzed because it overperformed on the channel within the last three months. The video likely overperformed, or spiked, because it taps into a niche market who is overwhelmingly millennial and interested in D.I.Y. projects for furnishing homes. Likewise, this video’s success during this season may be due to the rush of people who are moving to new homes in order to take advantage of the real estate market during the fall. In conclusion, the success of “7 Creative Ways to Transform a Basic Table” indicates a desire to take basic household items and easily transform them according to the various ideas for home décor that millennials have. 




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By, N’dea Drayton & Alexandria Haynes

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