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Millions of calendars across the world marked November 29, 2015 as the day of Climate March. Across the globe, people marched in solidarity to raise awareness and hope to make change on the issue of climate change and control on our beautiful planet. Cities like Seattle, Berlin, and Sydney were just a few places involved in the global call to action. As decades progress, climate change and global warming continue to become an extremely important factor in the everyday lives of earth dwellers. No matter if people pay attention to it or not, climate change is something that affects everyone. The Climate March set out to alert those who are unaware of their carbon footprint and to connect those who keep their carbon footprint as tiny as possible.


Of course, people on Twitter had to put their own two cents in about the event. Some activists tweeted about the march to reach people in the social media world. There are always the naysayers and people that take a more negative approach to positive situations. Therefore, the #ClimateMarch was not safe from a bit of negativity. Most people, though, tweeted their support, happiness, and hopefulness about the global climate march.




A couple negatives:

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