COM600: Social Media Marketing Plan for “Winter Clothes in November?”

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This tweet is centered around the grueling winters experienced in the northeast region of the US, especially, Upstate New York. A general observation of the winter attire worn by many of the students at Syracuse University indicates that many believe it is already cold enough for their heavy-duty winter attire. However, what many are either ignorant to or have not thought about yet is that the coldest part of the year in Upstate New York, and the rest of the northeast, is late December through late February. Due to the upcoming drop in temperatures in the northeast, these individuals will not be prepared for when winter truly comes.

While the ultimate goal for this plan was to satisfy the grading expectations outlined for this assignment, the objectives of this tweet were to post content via Twitter that received over 25 Impressions through Twitter’s Engagement Analytics portal, be promoted to BuzzFeed’s verified Instagram page, @buzzfeed, and receive over 100 Likes and 10 comments on the @buzzfeed post of my tweet if promoted.

In terms of total Twitter engagement to date, this tweet earned 297 impressions, 3 total engagements, 2 expansions for details and 1 retweet.

While, this tweet did not get promoted to the BuzzFeed instagram, it did tremendously exceed the objective of over 25 impressions. This may be due to the number of followers this twitter account has. However, this post may not have been promoted because the topic of the tweet may be rather niche, in terms of the current weather in the northeast region of the country, as opposed to the weather in others, which may have been experiencing below freezing temperatures as early as mid-October.


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