Cooking Up Some Engagements – A Twitter Ads Experiment

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  • Twitter ads objective – website visits
  • Connect with college students and young adults through the common experience of needing to cook for yourself, but not having enough time (or willpower) to do so.
  • Drive likes and retweets of the Twitter card – this allows young people to share their “college culinary experience” with one another.

Campaign Media:

So you think you can cook?

Engagements via Twitter Ads:

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Promoted Tweet:

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Campaign Analysis: 

While the main campaign goal of more than 30 engagements was well surpassed, there were parts of the campaign that worked better than others. Targeting the keywords, “college,” “dating,” and “cooking,” did not lead to as many link clicks as I would have imagined (these keywords accounted for 28 clicks overall). Much more successful was targeting certain handles, with the @TheEllenShow, @MensHumor and @BuzzFeed contributing 25, 22 and 20 clicks, respectively. Interestingly, of those people that Twitter could identify, females had a slightly higher tweet engagement rate than males (3.48% as opposed to 2.33%), so they may be a more valuable audience for this type of content going forward. Reposting the web card in unprompted Tweets on my own timeline was rather unsuccessful, with the link only receiving one click each time it was posted. This is likely due to the comparatively small number of followers I have (79). These differences in link clicks really demonstrate the power that just a $5.00 spend can put behind a Tweet. Without running another campaign, it’s hard to tell whether or not a $2.00 daily ad spend helped or hurt the campaign.

Final Engagement Number: 1,966

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