Top 10 Tweets: Am I TwitterFamous Yet?

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Tweeting with the goal of being engaging and gaining impressions is hard. Internet celebrities should get a medal for coming up with content that people like to share. While I haven’t conquered the internet with my wit or shameless selfies, I have put forth a few little gems that either got people laughing or thinking.

September to the first week of December is the timeframe that I used to determine which tweets would be considered for the top ten list. I used Twitter analytics to help me curate the best ten tweets based on impressions (how many views the tweet got) and engagements (mentions, retweets, likes, participating in a poll etc.). The chart below each tweet outlines the kinds of engagements the content received.

The tweets are organized based on how proud I am of them and how many impressions they received. In a few cases the content was more engaged with but had a smaller number of impressions, I ranked those based on if I thought the engagements or the impressions were more important. The list is ordered such that the best tweets are at the top and the (still awesome but) least impressive are at the bottom.

Without further delay, in true award show fashion here are the winners:


1. “Party In Your Mouth”

This tweet involved promoting a YouTube video that is being considered for Doritos Crash The SuperBowl Contest.
Impressions: 845
Media views: 4
Total engagements 63
Detail expands 25
Link clicks 20
Retweets 7
Media engagements 4
Profile clicks 4
Likes 2
Follows 1

2. “Get Cheesy” 

This tweet was made during a Periscope session in class. One group got competitive and threw cheese balls at our TA and classmates. I took a snapchat video then posted it on Twitter with fun copy.
Impressions: 456
Media views: 56
Total engagements 39
Detail expands 18
Media engagements 14
Retweets 4
Profile clicks 2
Likes 1

3. “Emoji Madness” 

I think the copy is what is most fun in this tweet. It compares something fun and silly (emojis) with something not so fun (seizures). The great part is that it’s so unexpected.
Impressions: 514
Total engagements 21
Detail expands 7
Likes 3
Link clicks 3
Hashtag clicks 3
Retweets 2
Profile clicks 2
Replies 1


4. “Be Yourself” 

This tweet is relatable. I think that we have all had an experience where our name has been used to promote something we didn’t believe in. I got Twitter hacked and this was my response.
Impressions: 206
Total engagements 8
Likes 4
Detail expands 4

5.  “Self Promotion” 

I used Twitter’s Ad Card feature to promote myself, I did’t want to pay for the ads so I took screenshot and edited it to look like a Twitter card and posted it with quirky copy.
Impressions: 126
Total engagements 20
Profile clicks 6
Media engagements 5
Link clicks 3
Replies 2
Likes 2
Hashtag clicks 1
Detail expands 1

6. “Viral Challenge”

This tweet was constructed to thank followers for participating in our Viral Content Challenge. I posted the full photo since the contest was over.
Impressions: 164
Total engagements 10
Media engagements 5
Link clicks 2
Profile clicks 2
Likes 1

7. “Break the internet” 

Again, I used twitter to promote the Viral Content Challenge. This time I posted the link to the Pinterest board where the content lives.
Impressions: 75
Total engagements 10
Link clicks 6
Media engagements 4


8. “Pinterest Board” 

I wanted to help my classmates earn engagements on their content on our class pin board so I teased out our board to all my followers.
Impressions: 71
Total engagements 7
Link clicks 5
Likes 1
Hashtag clicks 1

9. “Internet Famous” 

Still in connection with the Viral Content Challenge I tweeted the link to my content on my pin board rather than the classes’ in hopes of gaining more engagements for both my meme and my other Pinterest content.
Impressions: 70
Total engagements 5
Link clicks 2
Likes 1
Detail expands 1
Profile clicks 1

10. “The real MVPs” 

This was a thank you to my class for voting for my content card in real life. People had nice things to say and I wanted to thank them in a fun, comedic manner.
Impressions: 100
Total engagements 4
Detail expands 2
Retweets 1
Likes 1


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