Deciding on a Halloween Costume, Be Like….

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My objective was to receive at least 5 new followers from this meme, as well as get over 500 views.

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Analyze Campaign 

This campaign was very successful, as I did go beyond the number of Imgur views that I wanted. I did gain 5 followers, yet, I also lost one, making a net gain of only 4 followers; in that case, I did not exactly hit my goal, which I discovered through Twitter Analytics. I received 731 impressions, yet, only 13 clicks through Twitter Ads. What was most successful for me was sharing this post with family and friends, who then shared it with others that would find this post relatable. Also, I received many clicks through my post in my sorority Facebook group. Lastly, my second to last tweet on Friday, November 10th, helped my post to hit the lucky number of 500 views. What could have been better was next time I plan to try and make a meme go viral, I will make sure to make a meme that is less so centered around a specific holiday; this specific meme was centered around Halloween, which had already past by the time this campaign was occurring.

Final Engagement Number

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2 thoughts on “Deciding on a Halloween Costume, Be Like….

  1. This meme is so relatable to college students and even though you didn’t make all of your goals I’d say you succeeded extremely because you got so many views and you still got new followers! Great job!

  2. I think your title was initially really engaging and I can see why you got so many views on your meme. This meme reminded me of making costumes for themed parties too! I didn’t get any new followers from my meme, so I think thats awesome that you did.

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