“Do You Even Work Out?” Meme Campaign Analysis

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My objective in this campaign was to create a meme that resonated with my target audience, college students, so much so that it went viral.

After analyzing my campaign on Twitter, I recognize some untapped potential. The day that received the lowest engagement, November 11th, was a day where I tweeted two tweets similar to ones that I had already posted. I was under the impression that repetitiveness would drive more eyes towards my meme. However, I now recognize that it is crucial to change it up. I promoted all of the tweets in my campaign due to my small following on Twitter. However, when I pinned one of my promoted tweets to the top of my feed I got some engagement so moving forward I will keep in mind that regardless of the size of my following, hashtags draw people in. The first day of my campaign was the day that I received the most engagement. It is interesting to see that on this day I tweeted at 11:00 am and then again at 5:00 pm. From this I conclude that my target audience is mostly on Twitter at these times.

With a goal of at least 500 Imgur views, I am pleased with my 578. This is relatively  high for the purposes of this campaign.

Overall, I am satisfied with the performance of my campaign. I will definitely use the things that I learned from this exercise in my future endeavors in the Advertising industry!











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