Doggo Gone Viral

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Marketing plan goals and objectives

  • Immediate understanding from looking at the picture, with laughter or a smile as a response
  • Receive at least >500 engagements on Imgur
  • Gain at least 4 Twitter followers

Final engagement numbers

  • IMGUR: 1,524 views with 27 up points and 22 comments
  • Twitter webcard: 4 retweet and 4 likes
  • Twitter campaign: 3,366 impressions
  • Twitter followers: 2
  • Facebook response: 9 likes

Analyze Campaign

I am extremely thrilled with my viral content campaign. I received over 3x my objective views on IMGUR and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The comments were conversations around how ridiculous this photo is, or adding additional crazy health trends that could have also been featured. In the first three hours of uploading the meme, I received about 800 views. I would attribute that success to my research in 5 hashtags to include, and the creative title.

Following the initial success on IMGUR, this campaign was heavily rooted on Twitter. I had a Twitter webcard that was scheduled to be tweeted out four times. Two of those tweets were promoted by the Twitter awareness campaign with a budget of $5. The number of impressions received from those promoted tweets far surpassed my expectations. I would attribute the a majority of the additional views to these Twitter efforts.

Where my campaign fell short was my objective to gain at least four Twitter followers. I was hoping because I was driving so many eyes to my handle, with content very native to my voice, that I would receive a surge of followers. I met my goal halfway, and any follower is good, but I am disappointed it was not more than two.

Where my campaign exceeded my expectations was in real life. Related to my first objective, whenever I showed someone my printed out meme or the IMGUR link, the response was giddily happy or surprisingly intrigued. People immediately understood it and there was always a chuckle or giggle.

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4 thoughts on “Doggo Gone Viral

  1. You did an incredible job with this meme project. This meme is relatable but funny and I think you got so many views because so many people found humor in it. Humor is a great way to encourage audiences and you definitely took advantage of that!

  2. I loved this meme when I saw it in class! I’m seeing a ton of trends where the dog memes that were produced in this class have been really successful. Definitely an interesting thing to note. That’s amazing your original objective was surpassed 3x! Your caption was also so, so relevant to the way we are today. Awesome job.

  3. This post is basically a great description of our society today but a funny spin! People treat their dogs as their kids so that makes sense! It’s so funny and I’m sure all dog lovers got a kick out of this meme!

  4. I don’t even have a dog but I completely understood this and found it hilarious haha! I think thats important with an effective meme, even if someone does not necessarily relate to it completely, the comedy is understood and the phenomenon is connected well to the public. Love it!

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