Getting real on social media

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This is the era in which social media is the becoming the fastest way to receive the news. Past politicians have adapted to the use of social media by using its various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and various other platforms that allow them to have a voice. Many of these politicians used it to mark historic moments, make public apologies or simply to be seen. According to the social media richness theory, these platforms are ineffective unless they integrate visuals.

In the era of Trump’s 3 a.m. tweets, politicians need to be just as honest. They need to put their faces in the media speaking out on things they don’t agree on. They need to show people their stance on issues occurring in this administration. Although, Trump’s tweets gain a lot of press much of the nation have no idea what he is really talking about these 140 characters don’t help the nation understand the issues. Politicians do need to use visuals on their social media whether its recording meeting that could be recorded or simply using Facebook live to explain their views. They need to create a transparency for the nation like the recording Warren silenced during Senate Debate or the very vocal Maxine Waters on her views of this new administration. The new administration seems to only accept things when it comes from their office and the only way it seems other politicians can be heard is to show the nation the verbally and visually their stance.


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