How the World Celebrated the Women’s March on Washington

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Concerned citizens came together to organize a march in order to stand up for human rights. The Women’s March on Washington took place on January 21, 2017 and demonstrated that the group’s presence in numbers is too great to ignore. The march was at the heals of Donald Trump’s inauguration at the White House.

Just how many participated in the conversation?

This international movement was very influential and generated active conversations on social media. The March reached up to 3,379,018 people and was retweeted 3,098 times. Based on a sample size of about 5,000 mentions, #womensmarch was used in tweets 78.8% of the time.

How fast did tweets spread?

The Women’s March half-life of an original tweet was 6 hours and 33 minutes after the original tweet was posted. The 80% life of the tweet was 2 days and 10 hours after the original tweet was posted. Social activity was at its all-time high from around January 20th to January 23rd. The Women’s March on Washington took place on Saturday, January 21st, which was during the peak of social activity.

How far was the reach?

Based on a sample size of about 1,500 mentions, Italy made up 74.1% of the mentions, followed by the United States (20.4%), Mexico (1.2%) and Canada (0.9%). The twitter reach was based on a sample size of 10K mentions- 30.6B impressions from 12.0M mentions by 9.0M users.

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What did people talk about?

People spoke Donald Trump and how they were protesting the day after the inauguration. The shock after the election spurred this event so it was no surprise that people were tweeting about resisting his presidency.

The coalition of all marginalized allies spoke about their constitutional rights because they felt that Trump’s election would negatively affect them. They expressed their concerns and fears. Words such as “paradox”, “constitutional”, and “rights” were common words surrounding this event.

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How did coverage yesterday compared to the coverage last week?

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Women’s March is still generating conversations. It has garnered over 7,000 mentions over the past day.

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Its past week of performance shows that people are still interested in discussing or reporting on the topic with their peers. Although the engagement has not been as high as it was when it occurred, it is still getting mentions and discussed on social.


What was the most popular tweet so far?

Surprisingly despite fame and popularity of a celebrity they did not win the prize for most attention surrounding their tweets. The tweet that resonated with users the most came from Scott Dworkin and had a very strong, decisive message:

According to Sysomos the tweet claims to have gained an estimated 192,709 retweets. It seems that a call to action (RT) and the use of several sparking hashtags gained the user some popularity amongst the twittersphere.


Women’s March Impact.

The Women’s March on Washington was not only a social movement, it was also a movement on social media. The support behind women’s’ rights were heard, seen, recognized, and also tweeted around the world.


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