I got 99 problems and a Mcflurryc is 1

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Have you ever been to a Mcdonald’s location and heard my five least favorite words in a sentence:  “Sorry, the machine is down.”? If you have, then I was definitely targeting you and anyone else who has had to deal with this common occurrence at McDonald’s. For this assignment, my goal was to find a topic that I could relate to and that I believed many other could relate to as well. During my childhood, I remember being disappointed on several different occasions when ordering at Mcdonald’s because the machine was down. That is why I chose this to be the topic of my meme. I knew it would be relatable while also while also garnering a laugh or two.

For this assignment, my main objectives were to receive a decent amount of likes on my posts, garner lots of retweets as well as comments or replies, and also broadcast my tweet to people and or groups of people that could relate to or would be interested in viewing and commenting on my meme.

Mcdonalds Problems

When you click on the link above, you will be directed to my actual meme. For this meme, I used an image of Lebron James crying at a game with the caption ” When they tell you the Mcflurry machine is down .” I chose this meme because I thought it was relatable, funny, and something that people would like to retweet and/or like.

Above is the Twitter Webcard that I used for this assignment. When choosing how I would crop the photo, I definitely wanted keywords to be featured, like we discussed in class, as well as a clear image of who was in the picture and what he was actually doing. I chose to post my Webcard on Thursday because I feel like that is a prime day for social media because it is so close to the weekend. I also chose a time for my Webcard to go out that I thought would be prime time for many young adults to be on social media.

Mcdonalds Analytics

The above link is an image of my Twitter Ads Engagement and spend. I believe that the five dollars definitely helped spread the word across social media but I don’t actually think it helped as much with my viewership. As you can see, I actually have 1,000+ impressions on Twitter, but when you open the link for my Imgur add, it shows that I only have about 342 views. I think this is due in part to two big factors. The first being the amount of times that we had to post the same image on our social media. I believe that because it is our own personal social media, most people will continue to scroll through images and or links if they feel like they have already seen it before.The second thing that I believe slowed me down is the current social media culture.  Many people scroll through their social media accounts very quickly without REALLY paying attention to what is being posted unless it is something that they deem important to them. Next time I complete an assignment like this one, I will really have to think of more creative ways to not only get my image and or content out to a large audience but to also get them to click on the link, view it, comment, and share it with their friends.

I believe that overall, my campaign was mildly effective when it came to actually creating viral content and getting viewership on my post. On Imgur, although I did not reach the 500 viewer mark, I was able to reach a viewership of over 1k when it included all of my images and not just my single one. For this assignment, I actually created three different memes. The first meme that I created was related to my cheer team.


When Life Hits You 

In this meme, it was a picture of a cheer stunt while it was going up and after when it didn’t hit and I related it back to life and college. When we did our class assignment, I found that not many people were relating to my meme so I decided to change it and use the Lebron meme image instead. I chose this image because it was a popular meme image that I have seen in the past that I thought would interest both people who relate to my tweet as well as people who like Lebron James and would want to see what the meme was actually about. When I looked at the viewership of both memes after I had begun my official viral content campaign, I realized that I probably should have stayed with the stunt image but continued on because I had already changed, edited, and turned in my new marketing plan. At the time, I thought it would be easy to get the same amount of viewers on the second post but was rudely awakened when I only got to 325. If I were to do it again, I probably would have stuck with my first meme and may be changed around how I promoted my meme and what I did with my Webcard and my Twitter Ad money. I would have gone this route because when I look at the meme and the views that it got, without promotion, I really believe that I could have double or even tripled them with the use of my Ad money, Webcard, and Social Media. Without promotion, it got 518 views!

For this assignment, my final engagement numbers were pretty good in certain areas and lacking in others. For my Imgur picture featuring Lebron James, my final number of views on the actual Imgur site was 342. When I looked at the analytics section of twitter to see how many impressions I actually got I received 1,396 impressions. This is due impart to the five dollars I gave and added to my Twitter Business account. I also created a Webcard that was broadcasted with that five dollars throughout Twitter and that is where most of my impressions came from.  I spread my money from November 6th until November 13th so I believe that I could possibly have made more impressions if I would’ve concentrated the money on one specific day or time and not the whole campaign time period.

Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment. It was a really fun way to see what people like and did not while also getting a glimpse into everyone’s more humorous side. If I am to ever do an assignment like this again, I will definitely use the tools and skills that I have learned here and hopefully reach viral level :)!

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