Influencer Analysis / Top 10 Tweets for Fall 2016 #NHsmc

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Since the start of the semester my Twitter following has seen a pretty steady increase. My initial following consisted of 248 and to date, I have 300 followers, a 20.97% gain. I think that when looking at my overall strategy throughout the semester, my tweets that either directly interacted with an influential Twitter user or that contained relevant hashtags was followed by an increased rate of followers to my account. I would definitely say that engagement with the Twitter community as well as having a public account were the strongest factors when looking at my increase in followers.

Likewise, when I began COM 427 I measured my Klout score as 30, and to date that number is up to 56, a 86.67% increase in 90 days. I would credit this increase to my Twitter following over the course of the semester.


I found that overall my posts that had the highest engagement rates had either an image or article attached, and I had either a hashtag or influencer tagged in the post. I also found that often times the more lighthearted or relatable I make a post, the higher the engagement rate. Also, tweets that I published mid-day overall performed better than those that were tweeted earlier or later in the day.

1. (Engagements: 220 – 126 organic, 94 promoted)


2. (Engagements: 168)


3. (Engagements: 103)


4. (Engagements: 83)


5. (Engagements: 56)


6. (Engagements: 27)


7. (Engagements: 21)


8. (Engagements: 15)


9. (Engagements: 14)


10. (Engagements: 13)



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