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From when we started this class at the end of August until now, my Twitter follower growth has grown.  I started with 517 followers, and I ended with 523 followers.  That is a gain of 6 followers.  Although this is a small number, it shows that me being back on Twitter after taking a long break has had an impact.  Over 90 days, my Klout score went from a 19.78 to a 32.90.  As I said before, I took a long break from tweeting.  When I finally came back to Twitter and people saw my presence again, I think that helped grow my influence.  By putting out relevant tweets, I gained credibility and gained more followers.  I think what didn’t work and what stopped me from gaining even more followers was the fact that I only tweeted for class.  I didn’t add in my own personal tweets and people may have become confused with this.  Overall, I am happy that I grew my influence and hope to continue to do so in the future.


The following are my Top 10 tweets based on twitter engagement from 10 (least engagement) to 1 (most engagement):

10.  This tweet earned 16 twitter engagements.  We were asked to create and tweet out a poll, so I decided to keep the content very relevant.  This was right as the World Series was starting and I was interested to see what people thought, and how it would actually play out.  I think I got votes and the tweet worked because it was relevant and lots of my followers are sports fans.

9.  This tweet earned 26 twitter engagements.  To execute this post, I really wanted my followers to see what I get to learn about each day.  Obviously all of my followers use Twitter, and I thought it would be interesting for them to know you can learn the inner workings of Twitter in a real college class.

8.  This tweet earned 38 twitter engagements.  Here, I wanted to find something funny that would play to my followers.  I know I had tons of followers who watch and tweet about this show, so I thought this was something that they would enjoy.  I found it to be very relatable and funny and used those emotions to execute this tweet.

7.  This tweet earned 48 twitter engagements.  We were asked to use a hashtag that was relevant to the day of the week, and I wanted to do something different than a #ThrowbackThursday.  I thought this #MotivationMonday would help my followers start their day and week right all from a single tweet.  I executed this tweet with a sense of helpfulness in mind.

6.  This tweet earned 57 twitter engagements.  In class, we used this software to analyze over time the influence of an author.  My favorite author Gillian Flynn wrote my favorite novel Gone Girl, so I was interested in seeing if she had any growth after the publishing of this novel.  I loved it so much and was happy to see that others agreed as well.

5.  This tweet earned 68 twitter engagements.  This was part of my viral content challenge.  Since the goal of this was to create something that would go viral, I again wanted to create relatable content that people would enjoy.  My overall viral content challenge did very well and I think it was because every student experiences stress at some point over schoolwork and making it through the semester.

4.  This tweet earned 69 twitter engagements.  For this tweet we needed to incorporate text and stickers from snapchat.  Since snapchat is one of my favorite social media platforms, I thought there would be nothing better than to pain that with my other favorite thing, coffee, to execute this tweet.

3.  This tweet earned 94 twitter engagements.  In order to execute this tweet, I wanted to use vibrant pictures that would capture the audience’s attention.  I think how colorful and recognizable the people in this photo are is what made it stand out and gain lots of engagement.

2.  This tweet earned 106 twitter engagements.  For this tweet, we needed to chose a vine that resonated with something that was trending that day.  #TreatYoSelf was trending and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to execute a funny and relatable tweet because mostly everyone knows this show and reference.

  1.  Finally, this tweet earned 349 twitter engagements.  We were challenged to all create a vine in order to execute this tweet.  My friend was cooking breakfast and I thought her wishing the eggs would make a great vine, and it would up getting the most engagement out of all of my tweets.

Although I do have other great tweets, these were my Top 10 after analyzing the work I have done throughout this class.  I am proud that I was able to create content that other people enjoyed and now I have the tools to continue to do this in the future.










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