Is it Cool to #juul ?

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There is much debate and controversy surrounding the use of ‘juul’ e-cigarettes. Recently the FDA has been working to restrict the sale of all e-cigarette flavors with the exception of menthol, mint and tobacco flavors. The measure is intended to curtail the use of e-cigarettes, and has also been tied an effort to cut teenage e-cigarette usage.

The creators of juul have noted that their original intention was to reinvent smoking for a “wellness-focused generation.” Some consumers don’t agree with these altruistic claims.

Many are highly concerned with teenage juul use:

However, many argue that restricting the sale of flavored juul “pods” is not an effective strategy.

Some say the restrictions are simply focusing on the wrong issues.

It seems that adults may have forgotten the feeling of being a teenager, operating under almost constant peer pressure. This is perhaps the main issue, rather than mango flavored nicotine pods.

The “juul problem” likely won’t go away until the public adopts a new attitude, as one twitter user put it best:

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