Kylie Jenner and the Announcement of Baby Stormi

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Recently, Kylie Jenner has shocked her fans with the reveal of her hidden pregnancy. Following the birth of her child, Stormi, Jenner released an announcement Youtube video. Kylie’s pregnancy was almost instantly trending on Twitter following the announcement.

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We decided to analyze the trend of Kylie’s announcement of Stormi, as well as the Youtube video; excluding tweets in regards to guessing the baby’s name, as this was also a popular trend at the time.

Latest Activity:

When looking at the latest activity regarding Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and the birth of baby Stormi, its peak was around February 4th. This was the day that her baby announcement was released, via a Youtube video that the star linked to her personal social media accounts.

Most Retweeted Tweet:

When analyzing the twitter trend surrounding Kylie Jenner and her announcement of baby Stormi, the most retweeted tweet was by @samariaastewart. This tweet was the top retweeted tweet during this time period due to its emotional quote by Jordyn, Kylie’s best friend, as well as its reference to Kylie’s announcement video.


It is not surprising that this trend is most popular in the United States; Kylie Jenner is a young star known within the United States, although she does not have a strong international presence.

Word Cloud:

The words found in the word cloud are in relation to this trend, or common words associated, representing the feelings around Kylie’s pregnancy, as it was a secret for many months, shown by words and phrases such as “months can’t hide” and “hide”.

Buzz Graph:

The buzz graph of this trend represents the relationship between the hidden pregnancy of the star and her surprise announcement of baby Stormi, via a Youtube video. Kylie’s social posts, video, and secrecy ultimately caused this event to trend.

Contributors: Abbigail Ziobro & Charlotte McGowan

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