#KylieJennerPregnant… Fact or Fiction?

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I researched the hashtag #KylieJennerPregnant. There are a number of opposing views surrounding this pop culture scandal. Some people are putting on their detective hats and trying to figure out if the rumors are indeed fact or fiction. Others are calling out the Jenner/ Kardashian family and saying that the pregnancy rumors are a publicity stunt. Uniformly however, everyone is sick and tired of waiting for this rumor to be confirmed or denied.

The idea that this rumor is a publicity stunt is supported by the fact that the news broke right before the 10 year anniversary of Keeping Up with The Kardashians and the season premier episode. In opposition to that view, many people have searched for clues and have found what they believe is proof of her pregnancy in photos. Finally, one thing that the public does seem to agree on, is that three months is way too long to keep people guessing about these rumors and Kylie Jenner should come forward to confirm or deny them once and for all.



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One thought on “#KylieJennerPregnant… Fact or Fiction?

  1. Such a relevant topic to choose! I am dying to know whether Kylie is actually pregnant or if this is just another publicity stunt from the Kardashians. Either way, I am sure we will know the truth soon!

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