‘Lift THEN Pizza’ – Viral Content Challenge Results

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  • Attract fitness fanatics
  • Attract animal lovers
  • Encourage sharing on multiple social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
  • Evoke positive emotions and responses

Meme Used:

There are steps to take before cheat-day… Thanks a lot bae

Sample Tweet:

Total Engagement and Spend:

Engagement: 27 (Webcard) + 291 (Imgur) = 318
Spend: $4.81

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View post on imgur.com

Analysis of Campaign:

This campaign was my first social media challenge. The primary lesson I’ve learned throughout this campaign is: ‘Everyone Can See It,’ no matter who your original target audience was. Originally, I had the idea that this meme would resonate with the audience I was targeting; fitness fanatics and animal lovers, and I used the vocabulary and content that these specific target demographics usually use.
I found that there was a higher engagement than I had anticipated, however, there could have been a significant amount more had I thought about a meme that would resonate with anybody, not just a specific demographic.
I reached my original goal of having more than 30 engagements, and having a few retweets and likes (look at tweet above), which I was pleased to see. I primarily focused spreading my meme along platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Imgur, and found that the most successful were Twitter and Imgur, which was anticipated. As a result, I depended primarily on those two to reach my goals.
In addition, I found that using my marketing plan as a layout for content to post to be extremely helpful. I was able to move things around, however, having a starting point made a difference for me throughout this process.

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