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#MeasureMyHeart, defy the numbers.


  • The purpose of this campaign is to change the way people value themselves and each other.
  • It is a movement to create consciousness about how there is more than just measurements that define a person.


  • My audience is 15 to 30 year olds of all genders and races, active on social media
  • The content will be promoted on Pinterest, Facebook, an Instagram created for the campaign, and my own personal Twitter.

Media has distorted the sense of how we see ourselves. We are constantly bombarded by advertisements that aim to dictate what we should be, want, need, and have. However, through social media people have a chance to reclaim their identities. Our identities are shaped by numbers, our intelligence is measured in GPAs, our beauty is measured by sizes and scales, our happiness is determined by dollars in an account, and our reputation is measured in likes. #MeasureMyHeart is an all-inclusive campaign that invites people to defy the numbers that are used to measure our worth. It is a campaign that encourages everyone to participate in order to bring about change to societal norms in place. Instead of judging me on my weight, #MeasureMyHeart.

Ever since Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign, a trend of body positive projects have come about. A lot of these have been hashtag campaigns, such as, #Fatkini features plus sized women in their bikinis, “I’m No Angel” from the plus size store Lane Bryant, #LessIsMore that looks to expose the fashion and media industry’s photo shopped idealized bodies, #Fatshion to show that it is possible to love fashion and also be plus sized, along with many more. “The Perfect Body” was a recreation of the Victoria Secret campaign by the same name which featured all thin women, but with models of all shapes and sizes. “What’s Underneath Project” attempts to redefine the way we perceive women in their underwear by attempting to non-objectify them. #MeasureMyHeart is different from these body positive campaigns for several reasons. The campaign is inclusive to anyone that joins in on defying the numbers, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, etc. It is also extends from body issues onto intelligence, confidence, happiness, and reputation.

This campaign has a high possibility of going viral because of its inclusivity of people and issues. #MeasureMyHeart is incredibly versatile and can be used across a number of platforms and mediums. It is not simply a hashtag, it is a call for action. Providing a safe space for everyone to feel that their value is based off their hearts rather than a GPA is something everyone should have. As a society, we value numbers and deliverables as if they can tell you every single thing you need to know about that person. And we judge them based off those numbers, usually without even getting to know them. It is crucial that we change these ways, and create a more tolerant society that is less concerned with digits than the actual feelings and desires of a human being. #MeasureMyHeart is first step towards progress in human interactions, it encourages us to give everyone a chance, including ourselves.

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