Meme Campaign Analysis

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  • To reach at least 3,000 engagements by the end of the week
  • To have organic and meaningful engagements by influential users



Twitter Ad Summary


My meme had a high level of engagement on Imgur by the end of the week with 2,106 views, 26 points, and one positive comment. However, most of this engagement happened in the first 48 or so hours, before I even ran the twitter ad. I think my title on Imgur drew people in, my tags made the meme easy to find, and posting the link in university groups drove users to the image more than the $5 twitter spend.

I ended up on twitter with two retweets and seven likes, which is admittedly more than usual for me, but still pretty paltry. The analytics revealed 1,540 impressions, 1,371 of which were promoted. I received more views on Imgur than impressions on Twitter for free. I think promoting tweets from largely unfollowed accounts like mine will prove to be largely unsuccessful, unless a lot is spent.


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One thought on “Meme Campaign Analysis

  1. Really liked this meme when I saw it in class and no surprise it did so well online! I also noticed that I was able to get more views on Imgur than paid Twitter impressions through my WebCard ad and agree that for unknown accounts it would take a lot of money to get something to reach “viral” status on Twitter alone. Great, easy to follow post and analysis!

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