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I began the semester with a Klout score of 25. Over the past few months, I was able to raise it to 49. This, in part, was thanks to Instagram and my attendance at a national conference. In the figure below, you can see the spike up to the mid-low 30s range beginning in early October when I added my Instagram to my Klout account. I chose not to add any other accounts because I consider my Twitter and Instagram public whereas my other accounts like Facebook are private.

The next spike in Klout was from attending the PRSSA National Conference for a week in Atlanta. I was live-tweeting events every day for a week which led to great engagement on my tweets and an increase in followers on Twitter. At the beginning of the class I began with 141 followers and now I am up to 208. At least 40 of my new followers were a direct result of attending the conference.



I was surprised to see that the most contribution to my Klout score was from Instagram. I post daily on both Twitter and Instagram but I receive the most engagement on the latter with an average of nine likes per post.

Another surprising thing was that I am listed as an expert in Degrassi, a Canadian television show. I like the show, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t think I tweeted about it very often. As an expert, I rank in the top 1.5% of people talking about Degrassi. I’d prefer to be an expert in one of the hashtags I identify with in my Twitter bio but that just gives me more incentive to keep tweeting about the things I love.

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