Natural Beauty or Makeup?

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The discussion about natural beauty or make-up is an enduring topic. The pursuit of natural beauty is often expressed in the pursuit of inner beauty and temperament, and makeup is often seen as an expression of exquisite and elegant women. On Twitter, we can also see the discussion of them.

Some people indicate they do not like the makeup face.

But some people state that they need makeup.

Some people seem to get in trouble with this “makeup or not” issue.

But I prefer the attitude about makeup and natural beauty like these. Makeup is not the way we wear a mask, it is an instrument that makes our natural beauty more beautiful. Natural beauty does not mean no makeup, but more to remind us to maintain a healthy living condition and the pursuit of true nature.

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3 thoughts on “Natural Beauty or Makeup?

  1. I loved this post. It touched on a really interesting conversation. I agree with you that the real beauty is confidence. How one carries themselves says more about their beauty than their physical appearance. I also think that a lot of people can be perceived as beautiful by intangible characteristics, such as intelligence. Those things definitely do not get enough attention. Also, a wise makeup artists once told me, makeup can only do so much, the real beauty is in the persons foundation.

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