Need to Blow Off Steam? Stay Off of Twitter

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If I were given the honor to give some advice to our elected officials, I would love to help out the infamous Twitter troll of 2016 (and I wouldn’t hesitate to give him the crown in 2017 as well) otherwise known as our President, Donald Trump.

He brandishes his courser in frustration and goes on tirades, attacking publications like CNN and the New York Times for publishing “fake news”, has called President Obama “the worst ever President, and quickly publishes many of his controversial and many times very offensive 140 character opinions.

The media richness theory suggests that the richest form of media is straight up face-to-face communication (yes, sitting down and talking to one another, who would of thunk it) and the lower forms are communication within social media. So when your commenting on photos, direct messaging, or tweeting, there’s a barrier between you and that person that allows users to somewhat hide behind. There’s a confidence that comes with this shelter of being online and some use this confidence to help push their brand and others use it to take the filter that they may bring to the dinner table and throw it in the garbage.


Donald Trump, you’re a culprit of this. You are new to this president thing and we all know you want to take a different approach. But, America doesn’t know you as a president yet. To many, you are still Donald Trump. Talking to the press, interacting with communities, and logging off social media would allow America to get to know you, the president, rather than the brash reality TV star that uses Twitter like an angry 15-year-old.

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