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On February 4, 2018 Kylie Jenner dropped a bombshell: she had a baby, and had hid her pregnancy for 9 months. Over the course of four days Kylie and her daughter, Stormi, were trending almost daily and a boolean search using “Kylie” OR “Stormi” returned 5.6 million mentions on Twitter.

Kylie may have been able to hide her pregnancy for nine months but she only kept her daughter’s moniker a secret for 2 days. The internet was buzzing with rumors of the newest Kar-Jenner being named Mariposa (butterfly in Spanish), Posie, or Butterfly. 

All of these names were stemming from Kylie and Travis Scott’s matching butterfly tattoos. However, on February 6, Kylie posted an Instagram, which has since become the most liked photo on insta, revealing her daughter’s name was Stormi Webster – paying homage to Scott’s birth last name.

Just three years ago Cosmopolitan Magazine dubbed the Kardashians “America’s First Family”; so it’s not surprising that 46% of Twitter activity surrounding the newest Kar-Jenner was in the US. Followed by the UK and France it’s safe to say that the Kardashian influence is global and we can probably expect a jump in baby’s being named Stormi this year.

Stormi’s birth announcement was accompanied with a video where Kylie’s close friends and family talk to Stormi – before she was born. In the video there is talk of real friends, her daughter and of course her baby daddy Travis Scott. This buzzgraph shows the interconnectivity between Kylie and her pregnancy reveal ‘trigger’ words.

Given that she is already an internet sensation time will only tell when we will get our first Stormi selfie – sure to surpass her current Instagram like count.

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