My personal Twitter influence

Part One: Influence When I first started this semeter, my Twitter account was only up to 40 followers. Because this was my second Twitter (I created a news one right before I went to cover the election in New York), I wasn’t surprised my account wasn’t as popular as the one I made in 2012 […]

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Beyond A Doubt

When I enrolled into Social Media Theory & Practice, I registered with an expectation of boosting my presence on all of my social media accounts. Going into this class I only had 129 followers, and part of that was because I was not that active on Twitter. I knew that I wasn’t getting a lot […]

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Round Up: My Top 10 Tweets

I began this semester with a whopping 59 followers and a klout score of 28. Over the course of this semester, I have been making conscious efforts to improve my so called twitter-game and my influence on the social media platform. Today, I have 71 followers and a klout score of 35. Below is a […]

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