@PaulaMansilla_ Fall 2016 Twitter Growth

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Stats: @PaulaMansilla_


8/29: 1 follower

11/20: 47 followers

8/29: 0

11/20: 29.69


Part 1: Influence

I created my academic and business twitter handle, @PaulaMansilla_, at the start of this course. Because of this, my starting twitter follower number was: 1 and my Klout score was: 0. Over the course of the semester, I have gained several followers and improved my Klout score. Currently, I have 47 followers and a Klout score of 29.69. I saw a 460% increase in Twitter followers and approximately a 291% increase on my Klout score. I gained almost half of my followers from adding people within my network: friends, family, classmates and co-workers. This strategy worked well for me because the followers within my network were the ones who engaged with my tweets the most. Typically, my friends and family are interested in what I’m doing or learning in school. Therefore, they were always the first to favorite and retweet my posts. Similarly, I gained followers through including trending hashtags in my posts. I found that hashtags that are not trending do not receive as much engagement. For example, when I tweeted about a brand/celebrity that was not trending in the media, I did not receive as many followers or favorites in comparison to when I tweeted about a trending brand/celebrity.

Part 2: Execution

Top 10 Tweets of the Semester:


This tweet received 836 impressions, 203 total engagements and 14 likes. For this reason, it is my top tweet for the semester. I created this overdramatic GIF using GIFBoom to describe feelings about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split. When I posted this tweet, news of Pitt and Jolie’s divorce was trending just about everywhere. As a result, both of their names were trending on Twitter which allowed my tweet to receive hundreds of impressions. In addition, it received 2 retweets which expanded its reach. On this day, everyone was discussing Brangelina, but this tweet stood out within the clutter due to rich media and its comical nature which described how many of us were feeling.



This tweet received 761 impressions, 142 total engagements and 8 likes. This video was created using Twitter video. Its Vine-like nature makes it easy to watch and engage with on Twitter. Over the course of the semester, I found that my food tweets were widely liked and drove engagement. In particular, I think college students were able to relate and get a laugh out of this tweet. Although the hashtags were not trending, they attracted a few “foodies” on Twitter.



This was one of my first tweets on my handle. Moreover, it was the first time I attached an original picture on a tweet. It received 990 impressions, 6 likes and 106 total engagements. These numbers are significant considering I had only created my Twitter account less than a week prior to posting this tweet. I believe a large amount of impressions and engagement came from the #SocialMedia hashtag. People were likely to click on this tweet due to the rich media. In addition, I received several favorites/ retweets from people within my personal network.



This was my first tweet on this handle. It received 503 impressions, 7 likes and 106 total engagements. Because it was the beginning of the school year, the hashtag #SeniorYear worked well and brought in engagement. Similarly, we were newly introduced to the class hashtag, #NHsmc. As a result, a large portion of the class was searching, liking and clicking on tweets with the hashtag. The tweet was simple, but included a humorous GIF which brought in attention.



I tweeted at Sophia Amoruso, founder of NastyGal.com, and included her #GirlBoss hashtag. I added a screenshot of the iBook to make it more visually appealing. This tweet received 345 impressions, 5 likes and 42 total engagements. Both Sophia Amoruso and NastyGal favorited this tweet. Additionally, Twitter users with an interest in fashion and entrepreneurship interacted with this tweet, probably due to the mentions and hashtags (#GirlBoss, #GirlPower).



This tweet was created in response to Sophia Amoruso favoriting my previous tweet (#5 above). I included a funny GIF and emoji to express my excitement and the hashtag #HappyDance. Interestingly, this tweet received more engagement than my previous tweet that she favorited. I presume that this increased engagement is due to my classmate’s excitement about this influencer and her interaction. Similarly, the GIF makes the tweet visually appealing to viewers. Overall, this tweet received 244 impressions, 46 total engagements and 4 likes.




I posted this tweet on election day with the trending hashtag #MyVote2016. I tweeted this hashtag because Twitter and IZOD created a Ken Bone emoji to go along with it. Naturally, I thought this hilarious. I included a Ken Bone GIF in his famous red IZOD sweater. In addition, I included a link to a USA Today article for users to read about IZOD’s sponsorship. All in all, I thought it was a great way to bring brand awareness to IZOD. This tweet received 252 impressions, 2 likes and 45 total engagements.



This was my first organic tweet promoting my viral content challenge meme. It received the most engagement out of all my organic posts for my meme. I believe that this is simply due to the fact that it was the first time my Twitter followers saw my meme. Consequently, they are more likely to interact/ favorite the post the first time they see it. I included hashtags that I believed would attract my target audience (college students) such as: #Finals and #College. In the same way, I tried to make the text enticing so that people would want to click the link. This tweet received 211 impressions, 6 likes and 35 total engagements.



This tweet received 222 impressions, 4 likes and 31 total engagements. I tried to use several forms of rich media such as: a bright image, an emoji and Twitter stickers. I believe these elements helped drive engagement traffic to this post.  I experimented with the new Twitter stickers feature on this post. Twitter now allows you to add stickers to your pictures within the app. Additionally, it allows users to search by sticker which could have led people to my tweet. I included a hashtag that is relevant within the Syracuse community, #OrangeNation. This allowed Syracuse University community members to easily find and interact with this tweet. All in all, this post received 222 impressions, 4 likes and 31 total engagements.



This tweet included 4 original food images I took this summer in New York City. I used popular hashtags among foodies such as: #FoodPorn and #Eats. The variety of images may have also contributed to decent engagement levels. This tweet received 259 impressions, 5 likes and 30 total engagements.


Overall, my top tweets always included some sort of visual media. Whether it was a GIF, photo or emoji, I typically received higher engagement levels when I included a visual. In a similar manner, tweeting about popular topics and including trending hashtags brought in favorites, clicks and follows.

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