People Try to Remember Their Childhood TV Shows and Characters

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Amorray Marcano, Lisa Nho, Tania Joseph

This particular post on the BuzzFeed UK page has been attracting audiences from all over, with its views topping over 14 million, its “likes” over 200,000, and shares over 400,000. Many people, especially women who watched chick-flicks from the 2000’s, reminisce about the movies of those times. The emotion that they feel when they watch videos like this motivates them to click, comment, and share this “overperforming” post. Also, many people are curious of how well others might remember these movies or how they may react when they see the famous characters again. We decided to pursue the topic of 2000’s entertainment for our CrowdTangle assignment, because this topic reaches a wide audience. However, we wanted the chance to relate to an even wider audience by focusing more on childhood TV shows of the 2000’s for both men and women. The TV shows that we chose were just a few among the very popular shows of the era.

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5 thoughts on “People Try to Remember Their Childhood TV Shows and Characters

  1. Love this video! I was always such a big fan of the old 2000’s TV shows. Spongebob was a classic every weekend morning I would watch it for hours. I wish I was interviewed for this video because I would’ve gotten all the questions right! I think this is a great idea to connect with different students on campus and create happy nostalgia about our childhoods! Great idea for a video you should do another!

  2. Awesome idea and great execution! I loved how you video felt very organic and ‘man on the street’ like. I also really liked the music you used in the background.

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