Personal Growth and Analysis

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Followers on 8/29: 105

Followers on 11/28: 150

Percent growth: 30%

Overall, I think that a huge factor in my follower increase is the fact that this class made me tweet at least four times a week. While I’ve always loved Twitter, I often find myself struggling to keep up a consistent tweet schedule, and being graded was the push I needed to become more active on the platform. Aside from that, this class taught me how to generate more engaging tweets through hashtags and rich media. This increased my engagement levels, which allowed people who didn’t follow me before to find my account. Before this class I was reluctant to use hashtags, but I have to admit that they played an integral role in increasing my follower count. While I made my Twitter two years ago to post professional content, this semester was the first time that I used it to actually network with people in my field. As a result of this class, my Twitter has more engagements, more impressions and more professional value. I will continue to use hashtags and rich media in my posts, and I will also continue to engage with professionals that I admire.



Impressions: 576

Media views: 191

Total engagements: 41

It seems fitting that my first post for this class is also my best. I attribute three factors to the success of this tweet: rich media, community engagement and #DogTwitter. This GIF was simple to use – I took it directly from the Twitter GIF keyboard – but effective in catching viewers’ eyes. It goes to show that with even just a little of effort, rich media tweets can be successful. This post also came at the beginning of class, when everyone was still checking the hashtag regularly to see what worked for other people, so the class hashtag helped drive engagement from our class community. As a member of the #DogTwitter community, I’m not surprised that dog-related content is so successful. This is one of the most devoted communities on Twitter, and I plan to continue targeting it with my tweets. If I were to tweet this now, I would ad some dog-related hashtags, such as #DogTwitter or even just #dogs.


Impressions: 562

Media views: 121

Total engagements: 31

Once again, rich media served me well in this post. I’ve noticed a lot of people post videos breaking egg yolks at brunch, so I decided to hop on the trend when I had eggs benedict. Brunch is the most trendy meal, so I knew that there was a community that would find my tweet through the hashtag #brunch. If the hashtag brought impressions to this tweet, the video brought engagements, so in conjunction the two worked to drive my engagement.


Impressions: 508

Media engagements: 82

Total engagements: 134

This is another example of engagement driven by community. Many of my followers are my sorority sisters who know and love our tradition of using polls on the kitchen’s whiteboard, and every single like was from one of them. While this certainly didn’t grow my network, the likes pushed out to other people’s timelines, and therefore increased my impressions.


Impressions: 460

Media views: 69

Total engagements: 16

This was the tweet that I posted once in October and scheduled for a month later. This was the second post, and it performed much better than the first, which received 197 impressions, 48 media views and 9 total engagements. I posted the original at 11 a.m., and this one at 2:30 p.m., which is a more active time for my followers. The difference in these two posts demonstrates the importance of knowing your followers’ habits and using them to inform your posting schedule.


Impressions: 442

Media views: 127

Total engagements: 33

This is my favorite tweet from the class. I found this video on the trending section of Youtube, and when I saw her entrance I recognized it as the type of GIF that goes viral. I think it works because it has a certain level of sass, which generally works on Twitter. I made the GIF using Imgflip, and then it was just a matter of thinking of clever copy to go with it. As a political science major, my followers are used to my political tweets, so this seemed only fitting.


Impressions: 344

Total engagements: 47

Not only did this tweet have a lot of engagements, it also had high quality engagements. Brooke is a prominent influencer in the PR community, and she gave me advice in response. Her following, along with my use of hashtags, helped increase the number of impressions.


Impressions: 344

Media engagements: 30

Total engagements: 47

As mentioned above, #DogTwitter is a powerful community, and dogs in clothes always drive engagement. While I’d like to think that this post was successful because my Stella is such a cutie, I think the hashtags helped drive the impressions. If I were to tweet this again, I would use a dog-related hashtag to attract even more of #DogTwitter.


Impressions: 310

Total engagements: 17

Once again, this is #DogTwitter. I used the voice of @dog_feelings, whose use of the phrase “goooob morning” and excessive periods are extremely recognizable. Anyone who is familiar with the account would be able to recognize the voice, and the account has 1.97 million followers. Unfortunately, since this is not my voice, I cannot replicate it in the future. Still, it affirms the power of #DogTwitter.


Impressions: 303

Media engagements: 15

Total engagements: 33

The images in this tweet are more aesthetically pleasing than any of my other photo tweets. Travel is a huge topic on social media, with many people making separate accounts specifically for traveling. The hashtag #TravelTuesday helped attract travelers to the post, and the unique photos brought engagement.


Impressions: 263

Total engagements: 5

This tweet was not especially high in the number of impressions or engagements. However, the objective was to engage with three influencers in my field, and two out of the three mentioned replied to me. This tweet helped me establish a relationship with two prominent public relations influencers, and I have continued to like their tweets to keep the relationship going. This tweet made me realize that Twitter can be used as a networking site, in addition to a social sight. This is the type of tweet that will help be professionally going forward, so I plan to use #FollowFriday again.

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