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Follower Growth

When analyzing my overall Twitter growth my follower count increased from 235 to 269, increasing by a total of 14.47%. My Twitter growth was highest in September when I first started posting, I think this had to do with I was following a lot of new people, and in return they would follow back. Looking at a profile’s Twitter ratio (number of people they follow, to number of followers) help to be able to predict whether they would follow me back. Those with around the same number of followers as they follow will almost always follow you back, so I used that to my advantage to grow my following. If they had a huge difference in their followers to who they were following they would never follow back.

Top Ten Tweets/Posts

When analyzing my top 10 tweets many 2 things were imperative to their impressions and engagement;rich media and hashtags.

This tweet brought in around 403 engagements, the use of pictures with the combination of popular hashtags to target the Dog Community on twitter, brought in a higher number of engagement then followers I have. Inferring that the pictures and hashtags allowed people to find it and want to engage with this tweet. (1)

Another tweet with high engagement, of 308, was a an original gif I created. Although no hashtags were used in this tweet other than for class, I think posting something with relatable/ funny content grabbed peoples attention. As well as formatting the tweet in a unique way with spacing. (2)

My next tweet is my top tweet, although it did not use the NHsmc hashtag, the techniques I used were from class. This tweet got 94 favorites and over 34k impressions.  I replied to an influencer (Shane Dawson) post around 14 minutes he tweeted it. This made my reply higher up on the list, and just a simple gif got a lot of response. This showed me that timing is everything when it comes to Twitter. (3)


Top Tweet

My next post comes from Instagram, and I wanted to use it because someone who does not follow me commented on my post. The user ConfessionsOfaChoppedFreak, who has over 1k followers did not follow me but found me through hashtags and commented complementing my picture. This showed me that the hashtags on Twitter work on Instagram too, and bring in a larger audience. (4)

My next tweet was concerning the wildfires in California, and although it did not get many favorites it had a lot of impressions. Again I did not use any additional hashtags to bring in a larger audience, but since the California Wildfires were a huge discussion on twitter people found it regardless. This shows that although hashtags bring in a larger audience, if you tweet something that is already a trending topic on twitter people will find it if you put in the “buzz” words. (5)

California Wildfires

Next is the tweet engagement was high due to using it as a twitter ad for the viral content challenge. Using twitter ads got me profile clicks and over 100 clicks on my link, showing me that twitter ad spend is worth the money sometimes if you are trying to get your link/content to grow. (6)

My next tweet I used a video, which received around 100 views. I think the hashtag #TacoTuesday with the combination of using rich media helped. This is a popular hashtag that trends almost ever Tuesday and is huge in the twitter community, as well as posting a short video so that it would not be hard to capture the audiences attention. (7)

This tweet featured a poll, and got a total of 18 votes and over 280 engagements. This tweet used humor and again Pete and Ariana were trending on twitter, so I knew that if anyone searched those names that my tweet would be thrown into that category. My responses were also completely different, encouraging people from both sides of the argument to chime in and vote for their opinion to be heard. (8)

Here is another example of a trending topic along with rich media, in this case it was a picture. Coming off the newly released movie at the time, A star is born, I saw that people were tweeting a lot about Bradley Cooper. I took to see if there was an increase across all of twitter, and it confirmed my beliefs. Tweeting that graph out gave everyone a visual of how impactful this movie was, and bringing in the hashtag #Astarisborn helped my impressions as well as #ManCrushMonday which consistently trends every Monday. (9)

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My last and final posts comes from Instagram. Gaining 11 views may not seem like a lot, but that is over a third of my followers, so a large portion. Setting the location as Newhouse brought in more potential viewers as well as posting something aesthetically pleasing. (10)

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My favorite study spot 📝📚#nhsmc

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In conclusion tools I have took away from this class in terms of receiving more engagement and impressions on my content is that rich media helps a lot, as well hashtags are huge in bringing in a larger audience. Timing can determine in whether or not someone sees your tweets/posts, and sticking to trending topics will always help people to pay attention and be able to see your tweet.

I will take all of these skills with me and use them to my advantage when creating content beyond this class in a professional environment.



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