Personal Influence and Growth Analysis of My Top 10 Posts in #NHsmc

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Part 1: Influence

Around year ago, I created my Twitter account. In the very beginning I rarely posted and was inactive for about five months. I started off the semester with only 1 follower on Twitter. In the month of September, I received 21 new followers. My following declined in October where I only revived 9 new followers and 2 more followers in November. In total I gained to 32 more followers since becoming active on Twitter. My percentage of follower growth was 97% from the beginning of the semester until now.  A majority of my followers are fellow classmates or friends. However, I did gain one follower who is a SU grad student. When posting my tweets, I felt that using many relevant hashtags brought in a larger audience resulting in more impressions. I always included the hashtag, #NHsmc to make sure that people in the class who were following that hashtag wouldn’t miss out on my Tweet, whether it was an assignment for the class or not. Something that also contributed to a large number of impressions on a tweet was when I mentioned someone in a post, or the post included rich media. Tweets with rich media received more likes compared to other posts.

Part 2: Execution

Impressions: 824

Total Engagements: 42

Engagement Rate: 5.1%

In this tweet I mentioned a micro influencer who is also an SU alum. Michael Weber, screen writer of the movie Disaster Artist, has a following of 15.3K Twitter followers. As mentioned in my tweet, I wrote about how Michael was coming to speak at Newhouse and how excited I was to hear him talk about his career. Luckily, he replied back to my tweet, and my post received 2 likes. This tweet received the most amount of impressions based on all my other posts. Something that may have increased the amount of impressions was that Michael received 5 liked on his reply back to my Tweet, which brought in a larger audience. There were 22 detail expands and 16 profile clicks from the Tweet. One of the likes on Michaels reply was from Seth Rogen which may or may not have had an effect on the amount of impressions, engagements or detail expand clicks from the Tweet.


Impressions: 804

Media Views: 202

Total Engagements: 66 

Engagement Rate: 8.2%

My most liked Tweet was a video of zoodles (zucchini noodles) which included two hashtags, #Zoodles and #Zucchini. The post received 2 comments and was my top Tweet for the month of September. I had 13 media engagements, 12 profile clicks. I was able to draw in people’s attention through my use of video and unique hashtags. I felt that a video was the perfect medium to showcase the zoodles on Twitter, rather than a still image of the final product. More and more people prefer to consume their media today in short videos. This 15 second clip has the highest number of engagements (66) out of all my other posts, proving that more people are more likely to engage in rich media.


Impressions: 466

Total Engagements: 40 

Media Engagements: 25 

Engagement Rate: 8.6%

One day I was out grocery shopping with my friend and came across this bag of Welch’s frozen avocados. I was absolutely in shock when I saw that Welch’s was selling avocados and that they put them in the frozen section of the supermarket. As an avid avocado lover, I knew I had to post this on social media. I first uploaded it on to my snapchat and received a bunch of feedback from my friends. All of them were surprised by this and agreed with me that frozen avocados weren’t a good idea. From there I knew I had to share this picture on another social media platform. I chose to upload the picture onto Twitter and mentioned Welch’s in my description. I added #Avocados, an avocado emoji and also included the class hashtag, #NHsmc, to show my fellow classmates my findings at the supermarket. This Tweet received 1 like and 1 comment and came in third place in the amount of organic impressions it received. Something that increased the amount of impressions/engagement I received on the post was the shock factor in the context of the photo.


Impressions: 459

Total Engagements: 20 

Media Engagements: 16 

Engagement Rate: 4.4%

After looking at my top Tweets, I was sort of surprised that this post received a higher amount of impressions than some of my other posts. For this post I used Google Trends to research which headphone, either Apple’s AirPods or Beats Electronics headphones were most popular. After putting both companies’ headphones into Google Trends I screen captured the results and posted it to Twitter. I did a follow up post as well where I created a poll for Apple AirPods or Beats Headphones. That Tweet did not receive as many impressions or total engagements as the post shown above, therefore I will not include it in my top 10 posts. Something that worked to gain more impressions on this post was probably mentioning Apple and Google Trends. I received 1 like and included the hashtag, #AirPods in my post.


Organic Impressions: 421

Promoted Impressions: 1,440 

Total Engagement: 147 

Engagement Rate: 14.8%

This post was a promoted Tweed that I spent $5 on for the viral content challenge. It received enough organic impressions that this post falls into my top 10 Tweets. I created a card in Twitter Ads with the picture of my meme. I linked my meme on Imgur to the card so that I would receive more views on my meme. In the caption of the Tweet, I chose to grab my audience’s attention with a question and phrased it in a way so that people could relate to the meme. The Tweet received 104 link clicks, 44 of them were organic, while 60 of them were promoted. All of my 7 likes were organic. What made this Tweet do so well was that I was able to make the content relatable. By including multiple hashtags, I opened up my audience and expanded it even further by creating a campaign for the Tweet and spending $5 on it in Twitter Ads.


Impressions: 395

Media Views: 111

Total Engagements: 22

Engagement Rate: 5.7%

For this post, I felt that my Twitter need some more rich media. In previous posts on Twitter I promoted my photo Instagram account that I also used as my Instagram for the class. I felt that including a post that would show off some cool photography insights, such as a look into my lighting class, would encourage people to view some of my other photography posts on my Twitter. I didn’t include several hashtags but chose to include #NHsmc to draw attention from our class. I also mentioned @SU_VPA, which is the Visual and Performing Arts School here at SU. It was nice to receive a like back from their account as well as a quote Tweet from them:

My post received 5 likes and the post that @SU_VPA made about my Tweet received 1 like.


Impressions: 295

Media Views: 58

Total Engagements: 7 

Engagement Rate: 2.4%

When looking up trending hashtags, I came across #NationalCheeseburgerDay. I received 2 likes on this post and included a gif to draw in more attention to the post. I didn’t receive as many engagements as I would’ve liked to. Something that I could’ve done to increase my total amount of engagements would be to add more hashtags and possibly add a poll in the comments for what type of toppings people like on their cheese burgers. Overall, I was able to spot a trending topic on Twitter and create a post that included rich media.


Impressions: 281

Media Views: 69

Total Engagements: 29 

Engagement Rate: 10.3%

When asked to Tweet a micro influencer, I was nervous that I wouldn’t receive any response or that the post would fail. However, I was lucky enough to receive a like back from the micro influencer I Tweeted at. This post received the second to highest engagement rate after my post of my Twitter card. I received 3 likes and 6 media engagements. The gif that I used came out in perfect timing for my Tweet. The gif used was featured in an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians just a week before I posted the Tweet. Other then including the #NHsmc, I included hashtags from the micro influencer, Jen Atkin’s company, Ouai Haircare. The brand name is pronounced ‘way’, and they have a strong presence on social media and therefore have a series of hashtags they use in their own posts. I included #TheOuai and #OuaiObsessed to increase my engagement and hopefully gain the attention of Jen Atkin and people who love the brand.


Impressions: 272

Media Views: 47

Total Engagements: 25

Engagement Rate: 9.2%

In this post I looked up trending topics on Twitter in the hopes of including a deep link in the post. I felt that #NameYourCarDay was the perfect hashtag to use that I could include both rich media as well as in incorporating a deep link. I searched up articles that talked about Name Your Car Day and found an article that had the top 10 most popular car names. The link received 8 clicks. I phrased my Tweet with a question, encouraging my viewers to engage with the post. The engagement rate was significantly higher than others and became the post with my third highest engagement rate. The post also received 3 likes. Something that made this Tweet strong was my use of rich media, the way in which I worded my Tweet to increase engagement, using a trending hashtag and lastly, the use of a deep link.


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My version of midterms #PhotoMajor #VPA #35mm #NHsmc

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Impressions: 395

Engagement: 60 

For my last post, I chose to go over to my Instagram and find my post with the highest amount of engagement. This post of my Grandpa received the most amount of engagement and a large amount of impressions. The amount of impressions received is higher than the amount of Instagram followers I have on my account. This shows how my use of hashtags drew in more people that saw my picture. As for the amount of engagement I received, my top two posts were a carousel post and a self-made gif that had to be formatted into a video to post. The carousel posts allow for a large amount of engagement because viewers have to swipe through in order to see the rest of the pictures in the post. I was able to view the amount of engagements I received through the ‘Insights’ tab, since my account is set up as a business account for being a photographer. It is an extremely useful tool to see what of my posts work better than others and which posts have higher engagement. Overall, this post received 55 likes and 5 comments, and is my most liked picture on my Instagram.

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