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In the beginning of the semester, I started this account to branch away from my personal account. I thought it would be smart to start a professional account that I can network more efficiently through. I started the semester out with 0 followers. I now have 28 followers. As a result of starting off with 0 followers, I cannot calculate the percentage growth due to starting out with zero followers.

For increasing my influence and network, it actually worked best when I used hashtags. On a new account, hashtags draw in more engagement and new followers. Tweets with pictures and videos typically got more engagement as well. One thing I wish I had done more was been a little bit more adventurous in my tweets in regards to humor. As my confidence improves on Twitter, I believe I will be able to use humor more!


Tweet #1 & #2: These are my top tweets tied with 5 likes. Tweet #1 got likes because it is relatable. It has 165 impressions, 17 engagement and a 10.3% engagement rate.

For Tweet #2, I believe the media I included in it got people’s attention. I chose to include the most aesthetically pleasing photos I have from the lake. This tweet has 300 impressions and 29 total engagements.

Tweet #3 & #4: The following tweets both have 3 likes. Again, I think my use of media was what really drew in engagement for both of these tweets. The use of hashtags helped as well.

Tweets #5-#10: The remaining of my top tweets have two likes per tweet. For these tweets, I wish I had incorporated more hashtags to draw in more engagement, especially early on in the semester when I had limited followers. Going forward, I will curate my tweets to contain more hashtags and humor to attract more followers and likes.


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